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Asia Pacific

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Open Society Voices

The Complicated Legacy of Indonesia’s Elections

May 6, 2019 Darmawan Triwibowo

Voter turnout for Indonesia’s 2019 general elections was higher than ever. But so was the use of rhetoric dividing voters along lines of ethnicity and religion. Can the country avoid the “illiberal democracy” trap?

A Worldwide Movement for Domestic Workers

April 30, 2019 Marina Durano

Despite their increasingly essential role in the global economy, domestic workers in many countries remain shockingly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Thankfully, a global and worker-led movement is pushing for change.

Using the Law to Empower the People of the Greater Mekong

March 25, 2019 Neung Kanmangmee

In a region of the world where governmental and corporate forces often trample the rights of marginalized communities, the Mekong Legal Network is working to ensure the rule of law is accessible to those who need it most.