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The activities of the Open Society Foundations in Europe focus on bolstering well-entrenched democracies while building up less stable ones, promoting minority inclusion in policymaking, supporting good governance and accountability, advancing education and public health reform, and helping societies adjust to European integration.

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A panel of experts will explore Georgia’s achievements and setbacks in the reform process five years after signing an association agreement with the European Union.

Open Society Voices

Hungary’s Anti-NGO Tax Law Violates Free Speech and Freedom of Association

December 18, 2018 Daniela Ikawa

The Venice Commission, Europe’s leading body of legal experts on democracy and the rule of law, has called on Hungary to repeal a 25 percent tax on NGOs working on migration issues.

When It Comes to Race, European Justice Is Not Blind

December 4, 2018 Zaza Namoradze, Irmina Pacho

A new survey of 12 EU member countries shows that how people are treated by the police and the courts often depends on their race or ethnic background.

Brexit’s Unanswered Questions

November 1, 2018 Manos Moschopoulos, Renata Cuk

In the time since UK voters opted to leave the European Union, the debate about Brexit has focused on its implementation. But do policymakers really understand what motivated the leave vote in the first place?