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The activities of the Open Society Foundations in Europe focus on bolstering well-entrenched democracies while building up less stable ones, promoting minority inclusion in policymaking, supporting good governance and accountability, advancing education and public health reform, and helping societies adjust to European integration.

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Open Society Voices

Case Watch: UK Supreme Court Provides Gateway for Zambian Farmers and Corporate Accountability

May 3, 2019 Erika Dailey

The UK Supreme Court has given poor Zambian claimants the right to sue a global mining behemoth in English courts.

Case Watch: European Court Finds Ethnic Profiling by the Police Discriminatory

April 23, 2019 Zsolt Bobis

For the first time, the European Court of Human Rights has used the consequential phrase “ethnic profiling” in a ruling concerning a police action it considered discriminatory.

How Civil Society Came Together to Protect EU Whistleblowers

April 16, 2019 Peter Matjašič

It wasn’t easy, but thanks in part to a dedicated coalition of civil society actors, as well as a shift in public consciousness, greater protections for EU whistleblowers has been secured.