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Middle East & North Africa

Middle East & North Africa

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Open Society Voices

Supporting the Next Generation of Palestinian Human Rights Advocates

December 3, 2018

Al-Quds University’s Community Action Center’s Munir Nuseibah explains how a scholarship helped take his career as a human rights advocate to the next level—and inspires his work to help other Palestinians do the same.

Q&A: Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe Demands Action

July 27, 2018

Yemen’s civil war, fueled by outsider powers with little concern for the Yemeni people, is not getting better. It is in the global community’s power to stop these atrocities—and justice demands nothing less.

A Brighter Future for Refugee Kids, Through Learning and Laughter

June 20, 2018 Tina Hyder

Syrian refugee children—now living in uncertain conditions in multiple countries—are in dire need of both educational and psychological support. A new and unique partnership is trying to help.