Improving Outcomes: Blueprint for a National AIDS Plan for the U.S.

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Over 1.5 million HIV infections and over half a million deaths into its 26-year-old HIV/AIDS epidemic, the United States still does not have a comprehensive national plan to guide strategic use of AIDS-related dollars or hold government agencies accountable for steadily improved outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS or at risk of infection.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States is characterized by persistent levels of new infection, needless deaths, insufficient access to care, and disturbing racial disparities. Real progress is possible if government spearheads a plan that draws upon the experience of community groups, businesses, and those most affected by the disease.

Published by the Open Society Public Health Watch, Improving Outcomes: Blueprint for a National AIDS Plan for the United States offers concrete recommendations for a more strategic approach to HIV/AIDS programming and policy, in order to decrease HIV infection rates, increase access to AIDS-related care, and eliminate racial disparities. The complete report is available for download.

Improving Outcomes follows from HIV/AIDS Policy in the United States, a report issued by Public Health Watch in May 2006, which provided a comprehensive assessment of U.S. domestic AIDS policy.