Moving Toward a More Integrative Approach to Justice Reform

Moving Toward a More Integrative Approach to Justice Reform

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This OSI report posits that in order to make real progress in breaking the cycle of incarceration, advocates, researchers, service providers, and academics need to break out of their disciplinary silos, share information, and develop collaborative approaches to abate the disproportionate numbers of the poor and people of color entering into and cycling through the criminal justice system.

Moving Toward a More Integrative Approach to Justice Reform presents a vision of an integrative approach to justice reform—an approach that utilizes multidisciplinary collaboration to share perspectives on the issues that fuel the cycle of incarceration, to promote public investments in effective intervention strategies, and to advance public safety by decreasing the likelihood that a person will engage in risky or criminal behavior, instead of building more prisons and jails. A more integrative approach to policymaking and resource allocation would help to ensure that the limited pool of available public resources are used most effectively to address the issues of poverty, race, economic opportunity, education, family, and housing inherent in the cycle of incarceration.

Initial Endorsers of Report Recommendations

American Civil Liberties Union

Brennan Center for Justice

Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice

Center for American Progress

Center for Law & Social Policy

Child Welfare League of America

Community Voices
National Center for Primary Care
Morehouse School of Medicine

Economic Policy Institute

Families Rally for Emancipation & Empowerment

Fortune Society

Grassroots Leadership

International Community Corrections Association

Justice Policy Institute

National Center on Poverty Law

National Council of La Raza

National Debate Project

National Juvenile Defender Center

National Juvenile Justice Network

National Legal Aid & Defender Association

Open Society Policy Center

Penal Reform International

Prisons Foundation

The Rebecca Project for Human Rights

The Sentencing Project

United Methodist Church
General Board of Church and Society

US Dream Academy