Open Society Advances in 2010–2011

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The Open Society Foundations operate in every part of the world supporting a wide range of partners and grantees to strengthen rights and justice, health, media and information, governance and accountability, and education and youth. The years 2010–2011 saw open society advances in all of these areas.

In the area of rights and justice, for example, we helped organize mobile courts in the Democratic Republic of Congo to try military personnel accused of rape, documented the socioeconomic costs of pretrial detention, and promoted the inclusion of Muslims in European communities.

In health, we and our partners campaigned against torture in health care, such as the forcible detention of drug users, the sterilization of women, and the denial of pain relief for the terminally ill. In education and youth, we expanded our support for debate programs that are preparing young people to be active participants in society.

This report includes a 2011 overview and 2010 highlights in each of the Open Society Foundations’ five issue areas.