Soros Foundations Network 2007 Annual Report

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The Open Society Institute and the Soros foundations network spent approximately $440 million in 2007 on improving policy and helping people to live in open, democratic societies. OSI worked on issues ranging from human rights, to access to education, to freedom of information, to public health in a variety of ways. These pages highlight many of the activities and achievements of OSI and the Soros foundations, and describe some of OSI's methods, including advocacy campaigns, court cases, public education, and support for direct services.

Contents include the following:

President's Message
The Global Struggle for Open Society

Photo Essays

  • Struggling with Tuberculosis: Rising to the Challenge of the TB and HIV Epidemics
  • Judgment Day for Leaders Accused of Atrocities: Bringing War Criminals to Justice
  • Many Faces of the Roma: Supporting the Roma in Securing Their Rights
  • Living on the Pipeline: Opening the Books on Natural Resource Revenues
  • The Farmer, the Florist, and the Blacksmith: Helping Small Businesses Build Strong Communities


  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Africa
  • Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Justice and Government
  • Public Health
  • Education, Information, and Media
  • Other Programs

United States

  • Protecting Immigrants' Rights Against Government-Led Attacks
  • U.S. Programs