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The Open Society Foundations are working to secure legal remedies for bribery, the theft of public assets, and money laundering arising from the exploitation of natural resources.

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Recent Work

Latin America’s Environmental Defenders Find Themselves in the Crosshairs

Of the 185 environmental activists killed worldwide in 2015, 122 were in Latin America.

Inside a Virtual “Situation Room” for West Africa’s Election Observers

An online platform allows election observers to tackle problems in real time.

The New Phone-Based Tool That Lets Brazilians Monitor State Violence

DefeZap collects and catalogs user-submitted videos of state violence, then makes sure the authorities take action.

Film Screening and Q&A—The Constitution: A Love Story About Hate

Winner of the Montreal Film Festival Grand Prize of the Americas, The Constitution explores intolerance and hate through the stories of four neighbors in Zagreb, Croatia.

Brazil’s Groundbreaking Attempt to Get Corporate Money Out of City Politics

In 2016, for the first time, all private-sector campaign financing for municipal elections came exclusively from individuals.

How One Courageous Whistle-Blower Exposed Corruption in Slovakia’s Government

The story of an ordinary civil servant turned transparency pioneer.