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The Open Society Foundations are working to secure legal remedies for bribery, the theft of public assets, and money laundering arising from the exploitation of natural resources.

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Recent Work

Two Steps Forward in the Patient Pursuit of Ill-Gotten Gains

Arrests in Panama and Spain highlight the role civil society can play in fighting the corruption and illicit financial flows now targeted in the new global development goals.

Why and How Southern Africa Should Intensify Efforts to Meet Sustainable Development Goals

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa hosts a conversation about what will be necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals goals.

The Obscure Global Organization That’s Unwittingly Undermining Civil Society

Few people have heard of the Financial Action Task Force, but its activities, whether intentionally or not, are causing problems for nonprofits around the world.

With Upcoming Election, Tanzania Shows the Limits of “Good Enough Governance”

For half a century, Tanzania’s ruling party has clung to power. But a legitimate opposition coalition may mount a significant challenge this October.

Quo Vadis: Ukraine? A Conversation with Two Leading Experts  

Oleksandr Sushko and Balazs Jarabik discuss the state of reforms in Ukraine today.

Global Goals: The Challenge for Justice and Rights Advocates

If we believe that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development presents a genuine political opportunity to achieve change, some of us at least may have to adopt a different approach.

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