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The Open Society Foundations are working to secure legal remedies for bribery, the theft of public assets, and money laundering arising from the exploitation of natural resources.

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Recent Work

For a Better Future, Sudan Must Confront Its Past

With Omar al-Bashir no longer in power, the temptation to move beyond his regime’s crimes is understandable. But unless Sudan grapples with its past, it risks trading one corrupt dictatorship for another.

Jokes for Justice in Latin America  

What role can humor play in promoting open society? In this video, Open Society Foundations grantees, staff, and partners explore how comedians and activists in Latin America use comedy to support human rights and democracy.

Using the Law to Empower the People of the Greater Mekong

In a region of the world where governmental and corporate forces often trample the rights of marginalized communities, the Mekong Legal Network is working to ensure the rule of law is accessible to those who need it most.

Nigerian Democracy’s Uncertain Future

The 2019 general election in Nigeria was marred by intimidation, dysfunction, and credible allegations of fraud. Here is why pro-democracy and civil society groups around the world should take notice.

How the United States Can Support Armenia’s Fledgling Democracy

The people of Armenia have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enact sweeping anticorruption and criminal justice reforms. Here’s what U.S. policymakers can do to help.

International Prosecutors Fought Corruption in Guatemala. Now They’ve Been Ordered Out

The United States is acquiescing in the destruction of one of the few institutions that has shown success in targeting the main causes of Guatemala’s dysfunction.