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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Open Society Foundations support criminal justice reform around the world by developing alternatives to pretrial detention, broadening access to competent legal representation, and promoting new alliances for reform.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Raised in the System—Documentary Screening and Discussion

Actor and producer Michael K. Williams hosts a screening of his documentary about people impacted by the juvenile justice system.

The Real Causes of (and Solutions to) Drug Use and Addiction

Johann Hari, best-selling author of Chasing the Scream, speaks with Human Rights Watch’s Jasmine Tyler about the causes of drug use and drug dependency, and what they can tell us about solutions to the drug overdose crisis.

Talking About Race: Plessy v. Ferguson and America’s Journey from Slavery to Segregation

Washington Post senior editor Steve Luxenberg talks with Judge Robert Bell about the current-day relevance of Plessy v. Ferguson’s “separate but equal” doctrine.

Volunteer Lawyers Give New Direction to Nigerian Legal Aid Initiative

In the town of Ikorodu, local lawyers are delivering free legal aid to detainees within 48 hours of arrest and joining an effort to steer people charged with nonviolent crimes away from unnecessary detention.

Women in Prison: The Devastating Impact of Rising Incarceration in the Americas    

A panel of experts explores innovative strategies being launched to counter rising incarceration rates among women in the Americas.

Film Screening and Q&A—Call Her Ganda

Director PJ Raval joins Open Society for a screening of his award-winning film about the 2014 murder of Filipina trans woman Jennifer Laude by a U.S. Marine—and the political uprising it inspired.

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