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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Open Society Foundations support criminal justice reform around the world by developing alternatives to pretrial detention, broadening access to competent legal representation, and promoting new alliances for reform.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Solutions Summit: Criminal and Juvenile Justice Forum

The Open Society Institute–Baltimore will host a half-day forum on issues related to criminal and juvenile justice reform in anticipation of our full-day Solutions Summit.

The European Union Embraces a Common Approach to Legal Aid

A new directive establishes minimum standards on legal aid, and caps a successful effort to standardize criminal justice procedures across member states.

Q&A: Zones Where No One Has Guns—Not Even the Police

What if cities carved out spaces where no one—including cops—could carry firearms?

Let’s Reduce, Not Reform, Policing in America

It’s time to imagine how we can shrink the size and scope of police forces, reduce the number of gadgets at cops’ disposal, and constrain law enforcement’s ability to ensnare us.

Cops and Community: Innovations Around Policing

Join community leaders, activists, police, and scholars as they share ideas for finding solutions to the violence, tension, and mistrust that exists between cops and the community.

The Case against Stop-and-Frisk

Stop and frisk failed in New York City—a lesson that should be heeded by any community considering its adoption.

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