Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Open Society Foundations support criminal justice reform around the world by developing alternatives to pretrial detention, broadening access to competent legal representation, and promoting new alliances for reform.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Policing Black Bodies: Do Black Lives Matter? A Conversation about Policing in Brazil and the United States

Join the Open Society Human Rights Initiative and Justice Roundtable for a conversation about racial justice and policing in the United States and Brazil.

Talking About Race: A Conversation with Paul Butler

Georgetown Law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler talks about his new book, Chokehold: Policing Black Men.

Nigeria’s Legal Aid Lawyers Win Police Recognition

A legal aid scheme that targets Nigeria’s excessive use of pretrial detention is primed to expand across the country.

Policing the Black Man: A Conversation with Angela J. Davis and Sherrilyn Ifill    
Davis and Ifill discuss a new collection of essays on the impact of the criminal justice system on African American boys and men.
It’s Time to Overhaul America’s Broken Probation and Parole Systems

In theory, probation and parole are useful tools in helping to reduce America’s prison population. But without badly needed reforms, these systems of federal supervision are just incarceration by another name.

Drugs in Documentary Films: A Showcase

The Open Society Foundations and PBS POV present an evening of excerpts from new documentary films exploring a range of harmful effects created by the current drug control regime.

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