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The Open Society Foundations use advocacy and litigation to combat the marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities in Europe, taking on cases involving migrants, school segregation, violence against Roma, and policies that ban Muslims from wearing the hijab or building mosques.

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Recent work

Let’s Reduce, Not Reform, Policing in America

It’s time to imagine how we can shrink the size and scope of police forces, reduce the number of gadgets at cops’ disposal, and constrain law enforcement’s ability to ensnare us.

Five Migrants Struggle and Thrive in Italy’s Chaotic Reception System  

A series of short films shows a dysfunctional patchwork of migrant reception centers—and the lives of those forced to navigate it.

Book Launch—Five Ideas to Fight For: How Our Freedom Is Under Threat and Why It Matters  
In this livestreamed event, leading human rights lawyer Anthony Lester discusses his new book, which presents a powerful account of what’s needed to protect our hard-won rights and freedoms.
Q&A: The Problem with Charlotte’s Police

Local police have lagged behind the rest of the state in accountability and transparency—contributing to the unrest following Keith Scott’s death.

Zambia Is Pioneering a New Approach to Criminal Justice for People with Disabilities  

Once in the system, people with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities can remain trapped forever. Now, a coalition of advocates is altering the landscape.

Will a Global Compact on Migration Lead to Lasting Change?

An unprecedented UN summit aims to address the migration issue, but real progress will depend on the international community making good on its promises.

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