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The Open Society Foundations use advocacy and litigation to combat the marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities in Europe, taking on cases involving migrants, school segregation, violence against Roma, and policies that ban Muslims from wearing the hijab or building mosques.

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Recent work

The Need for Action on Policing and Racial Justice after Baton Rouge

Peaceful protests are the opposite of violence, not the cause of violence.

Case Watch: Discrimination Dressed up as Neutrality in European Headscarf Bans

Two cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union address complaints from Muslim women dismissed by a private sector employer because of wearing a religious headscarves at work.

Briefing Paper
Employer's Bar on Religious Clothing and European Union Discrimination Law

The Open Society Justice Initiative calls on the Court of Justice of the European Union to rule that equality law is violated when an employer on the grounds of “neutrality”—bans its staff from wearing any religious clothing.

The Hidden Consequences of Forcing Women to Travel for Abortions

Laws that keep abortion services far from where women live are a form of social exclusion that women’s rights advocates call “abortion exile.”

Talking About Race: Confronting the New Wave of Islamophobia

Three experts discuss the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States during the current election season.

After Orlando, the Struggle Against Hate Continues

We are all bound to one another by our humanity. When that humanity is struck down in one place, we are all made more vulnerable.

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