Drug Policy Reform

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Drug Policy Reform

Drug Policy Reform

Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding, and an increase in HIV epidemics. The Open Society Foundations support organizations that put forward alternatives.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Addiction Now: Safe Injection Facilities as a Public Health Strategy

Join Open Society Institute–Baltimore and the New Day Campaign to discuss how safe injection facilities reduce overdoses and increase access to treatment.

In Remembrance of Wiktor Osiatyński

Wiktor Osiatyński, a cherished member of the Open Society family, recently passed away. These are the remarks Osiatyński's longtime friend and Open Society Foundations founder George Soros delivered at his funeral.

Locking Up Our Own: James Forman Jr. in Conversation with Khalil Gibran Muhammad  

A lunchtime conversation about James Foreman Jr.'s acclaimed new book on race and criminal justice, which traces the zero-tolerance approach to crime and drugs back to some unlikely origins.

A Small Case in Spain Is a Big Victory for Smarter Drug Policy

A ruling in Catalonia opens the door to legitimizing ancestral use of the coca leaf.

Accounting for Violence: How to Increase Safety and Reduce Our Failed Reliance on Mass Incarceration

A forum of leaders in criminal justice discuss strategies to reduce both violence and mass incarceration.

Learning from Italy’s Lead on Naloxone

Twenty years ago, doctors responded to a rise in drug overdoses by making the lifesaving medicine available over the counter. What lessons can Italy offer other nations grappling with opioid crises today?