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Drug Policy Reform

Drug Policy Reform

Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding, and an increase in HIV epidemics. The Open Society Foundations support organizations that put forward alternatives.

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Recent Work

The Rise of Fake News and Social Media Manipulation in Latin American Politics  

Brexit and the 2016 U.S. elections shed light on the alarming rise of post-truth politics, fueled by fake news, media manipulation, and populist movements. What are the implications for five upcoming Latin American elections?

Marielle Franco Has Not Been Silenced

The outspoken, beloved Brazilian politician may have been violently taken from our world. But her legacy—her tireless dedication to empowering the marginalized and dispossessed—will endure.

The Global Pain Crisis: Narrowing the Gap in Access to Palliative Care

A panel of health experts discuss fighting for better access to pain relief for palliative care in India and Latin America.

How Macedonia’s Bureaucracy Is Failing Young People

Too many of the country’s institutions are simply not equipped with the medicine, expertise, or guidance they need to help young people who are using drugs.

Drugs and the Darknet: Challenges and Opportunities  

A conversation about how darknet markets, or “cryptomarkets,” are changing the way that people buy, sell, use, and make drugs around the world

Why Harm Reduction Is Crucial to the Fight Against HIV

New research shows that the HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs is worse than we thought. National governments must reject the “war on drugs” and invest in harm reduction policies—before it’s too late.