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Drug Policy Reform

Drug Policy Reform

Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding, and an increase in HIV epidemics. The Open Society Foundations support organizations that put forward alternatives.

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Recent Work

Next Week, Italy Will Debate a Proposal to Legalize Cannabis

The proposed system, if implemented, would regulate marijuana-related activities under a state monopoly.

Artists for Change: A Showcase from Creatives for Global Drug Policy Reform

An international panel of artists discuss their work promoting drug policy reform.

For Women Swept Up in the Drug Trade, Legal Help That Starts Early

When marginalized women are convicted of drug offenses in Indonesia, their best shot at avoiding the death penalty is early access to justice.

Talking About Addiction: Youth, Addiction, and Juvenile Justice

Three experts in the field of juvenile justice and adolescent health discuss the research and policy around young people and addiction.

Is Addiction a Learning Disorder?

By recognizing why people with addictions make the choices they do, policy makers can see the futility of punitive drug policies.

Will Canada’s Ruling on Drug Sentences Set the Stage for Further Reforms?

Canada’s Supreme Court has struck down mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses. Advocates hope it’s just the beginning.

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