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Drug Policy Reform

Drug Policy Reform

Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding, and an increase in HIV epidemics. The Open Society Foundations support organizations that put forward alternatives.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Reframing the Blame for the War on Drugs

The war on drugs is better understood as a war on people. To stop this useless and unjust destruction, we must change how we think—and talk—about people who use drugs.

The Real Causes of (and Solutions to) Drug Use and Addiction

Johann Hari, best-selling author of Chasing the Scream, speaks with Human Rights Watch’s Jasmine Tyler about the causes of drug use and drug dependency, and what they can tell us about solutions to the drug overdose crisis.

Women in Prison: The Devastating Impact of Rising Incarceration in the Americas    

A panel of experts explores innovative strategies being launched to counter rising incarceration rates among women in the Americas.

The Overwhelming Evidence in Favor of Harm Reduction

Harm reduction services are cost-effective, supportive of healthier communities, and safer. It's time for governments worldwide to follow the facts, not antidrug prejudice.

A Pivotal Decade for the Movement to End the “War on Drugs”

Over the past decade, Open Society’s Global Drug Policy Program has supported reformers all over the world as they organize against the worst effects of the failed “war on drugs.” The future is bright, but challenges remain.

Drug Law Reform Comes to Mexico

Thanks to some crucial recent rulings from the Mexico Supreme Court, as well as the hard work of reformers and civil society groups throughout the country, Mexico is finally rethinking how it regulates cannabis.