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Drug Policy Reform

Drug Policy Reform

Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding, and an increase in HIV epidemics. The Open Society Foundations support organizations that put forward alternatives.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Why “Harm Reduction” Means Something Different in Mexico

Though Mexico is firmly entrenched in the war on drugs, it’s not primarily a consumer nation. Young advocates there are calibrating their harm reduction efforts accordingly.

In Kenya, Overcoming Drug Fears to Expand Access to Palliative Care

The UN’s global drug policy debate is a crucial chance to ensure the need for palliative care demand is met in Kenya and beyond.

The Museum of Drug Policy

This pop-up cultural hub includes an immersive art experience and special live programming looking at the impact of current drug policies on populations around the world.

In Drug Policy Debates, Youth Are Often Seen but Not Heard

Though young people are frequently invoked in conversations about drug policy, rarely are they asked to offer their own opinions. At UNGASS, that needs to change.

No Health, No Help: Abuses in Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Latin America & The Caribbean

This event will launch a new report documenting the abuses in drug rehabilitation centers and take an unprecedented look inside these often overlooked and undocumented institutions.

No Health, No Help

This report details the extreme human rights abuses occurring in the name of drug treatment and rehabilitation in six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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