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European Union

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European Union

The Open Society Foundations work to influence and inform European Union policies to ensure that open society values are at the heart of what the EU does, both inside and outside its borders.

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Recent Work

Is Italian Agriculture a “Pull Factor” for Irregular Migration—and, If So, Why?

The Open Society European Policy Institute and the European University Institute launch a new report exploring factors underlying the demand for exploitable migrant labor in Italian agriculture.

Moving Beyond Libya’s Political Deadlock: What Role for the EU?

The European Policy Centre and the Open Society European Policy Institute convene a panel of experts on Libya to discuss the situation on the ground and efforts to stabilize the country.

An End to Manels II: Closing the Gender Gap at Europe’s Top Policy Events

An End to Manels II is the second report in a two-part series to examine the gender gap and Europe’s top policy events. The report examines data from 23 conferences in Europe, over the course of five years.

Brexit’s Unanswered Questions

In the time since UK voters opted to leave the European Union, the debate about Brexit has focused on its implementation. But do policymakers really understand what motivated the leave vote in the first place?

Briefing Paper
Towards Elections with Integrity

Election observation is a vital tool for maintaining democracy, yet only a small proportion of elections lead to significant political change. Here’s how the EU can make its election observation missions more effective.

When Law Doesn’t Rule: State Capture of the Judiciary, Prosecution, Police in Serbia

When the Law Doesn’t Rule identifies seven ways in which political control is exerted over the judiciary, prosecution, and police in Serbia, and how systemic weaknesses in the exercise of the rule of law are being exploited.