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European Union

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European Union

The Open Society Foundations work to influence and inform European Union policies to ensure that open society values are at the heart of what the EU does, both inside and outside its borders.

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Recent Work

How Civil Society Came Together to Protect EU Whistleblowers

It wasn’t easy, but thanks in part to a dedicated coalition of civil society actors, as well as a shift in public consciousness, greater protections for EU whistleblowers has been secured.

Why the European Parliament Elections Matter

With European politics still in turmoil, roughly 450 million EU voters have the chance to vote for candidates who support the rule of law, nondiscrimination, and democracy.

Integration Within Association: New Perspectives on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

A panel of experts will discuss the EU-Ukraine reform and integration agenda for 2019 and beyond.

Is Democratization in Georgia Working?
A panel of experts will explore Georgia’s achievements and setbacks in the reform process five years after signing an association agreement with the European Union.
North Macedonia: What’s Next?

This report by the Open Society European Policy Institute looks at the next steps for newly-named North Macedonia, and the wider implications the name change has for the Balkans region.

Is Italian Agriculture a “Pull Factor” for Irregular Migration—and, If So, Why?

The Open Society European Policy Institute and the European University Institute launch a new report exploring factors underlying the demand for exploitable migrant labor in Italian agriculture.