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The Open Society Foundations support efforts to promote equal opportunities and challenge all forms of discrimination faced by Roma, Europe’s largest and most excluded ethnic minority.

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Recent Work

In Hungary, a Better Transit System Fueled by the Power of Citizen Engagement

When the residents of Mátészalka needed a better way to get to the capital, they advocated on their own behalf and won a quicker commute.

On International Roma Day, a Call for Courage and Clarity

In the many events that take places around International Roma Day, we sometimes lose sight of the larger cause: self-determination and international unity.

Strategic Litigation Impacts: Roma School Desegregation

This study examines the role of strategic litigation in efforts to end discrimination against Roma school children in Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Roma Feminists Navigate the Tricky Terrain of Ethnic Stereotypes

For Roma women, fighting domestic violence is complicated by the fact that the very topic can perpetuate myths.

Two Milestones Put Romani Cultural Discourse in the Hands of Roma Themselves  

For too long, Romani studies have been dictated by non-Roma “experts.” In 2015, a pair of breakthrough achievements shifted that paradigm dramatically.

The Importance of Getting Roma Children into School Early

A new report details how early childhood education can benefit Roma youth—and why they have trouble accessing it.

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