A Brighter Future for Refugee Kids, Through Learning and Laughter

The needs of refugees and stateless persons are many. They span the short-term (food, shelter) to the long-term (early childhood, education, mental health) too.

In fact, according to Sherrie Westin, the executive vice president for global impact and philanthropy at Sesame Workshop, out of all humanitarian aid, “less than two percent … goes to education needs, and a fraction of that goes to early education.”

To address this injustice, which threatens to scar and disadvantage a generation of Syrian children, Sesame Workshop, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, worked to develop educational programs specifically conceived to address such needs and limit long-term repercussions for Syrian children now living in Jordan.

Thanks to a $100 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, this pilot project, which was initially funded by the Open Society Foundations and the Bernard van Leer Foundation, will soon be expanded into Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon—ultimately reaching up to nine million children.

To learn more about this unique partnership, and the educational needs of Syrian refugees throughout the world, watch the video above.

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It’s great work God bless your soul and lighting your way to success , my name is sovan saad I’m veterinarian working at NGO in Sinjar (Iraqi city) I see here many children’s need like this program here. Please if you need to do program here I’ll be welling to help you. Blessing

So glad this work to connect with refugees around the world is being done!

What a wonderful idea !! I hope we can bring to other cultures and nationalities of refugee children

What a wonderful idea to bring Sesame Street . Inspiring idea to bring this to other nationalities of refugee children .

We are helping migrants, refugees, expats in France. Thank you. Nationsorg association.

Thank you saved .my life and the fact that programs like Sesame street international is now worldwide more families will benefit.
Thank you for your great work.


I would like to participate in your projects

It's all about educating children early when their minds are most receptions to the ideals of a free and open Society and to instill it forevermore. I want to have a program like that here in Texas. People need this information desperately please contact me.

I am very interested to participate in this projects. Being of refugee background had given me first hand insight into issues faced by this vulnerable group. Rope me in if nutrition focused activities is needed in the project.

Je suis algérien,je vous propose de m aider a bâtir une grande maison pour des familles réfugiées de la sert et du mali

Hi. Can your organisation sponsor a school library by donating computers a projector and use of internet to ease teaching and learning?

I need help i have orphans in my coutry and their pass their examination but i don't income to take them to university i need help please

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