Building a Better Brazil

Rates of police violence in Brazil are among the highest in the world. Economically speaking, Brazil is also among the most unequal countries. Despite being the eighth-largest economy in the world, as many as half of its citizens live at or below the poverty line.

UNEafro Brazil works with university students and other youth in communities that have been hardest hit by violence and poverty. Through direct action, mobilization, and education, the organization draws attention to the rights of black and impoverished youth and other members of the Afro Brazilian community who face multiple forms of discrimination.

In the video above, Douglas Belchior, one of UNEafro Brazil’s founders, talks about what it is like to live in Brazil’s favelas: the violence, the lack of educational and entertainment opportunities, and the near-constant police presence.

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You are enphasing the class fight in Brazil.

There is no a fight between black and white people.

The police is not guilty of the violence.The violence comes from the assassins and robbers.

There are more sofisticated weapons on assassin hands than on the police hands.

This is not a clear vision from Brazil.

Sr Campos - your viewpoint is slightly skewed. The violence on both sides is abhorrent, with the rates of youth violence akin to a war zone in Iraq. Policing is more military than civil and needs a lot of work.

Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, here we have an organization, which is giving support to those who are at the losing end. That is a compassionate action.
George Soros is a white man with an elevated conscience, and Martin Luther King was a black man with an elevated conscience.
Excellence is not defined by skin color.
Each society projects it´s movie on the wall of the Plateau´s Cave. George Soros and his team are showing the way out of that cave into the life in the open.
Open Society - that is.

We have poor education, high violence rates in Brazil. And these were better in the past (30 years ago).
But we'd never a class fight in Brazil. Althoug look like someone outside Brazil want it become true...

Mr Tony. There are no sides. There's no war or even conflict between black and white people. First of all, Brazil is not divided between black and white people. There's all shades in between those.

People who are killed are mostly suffering at criminal hands or are criminal themselves fighting each other. Less than 8% of all murders are the hand of police officers. Check that out yourself, if you don't believe it. You can even say that's already too much, but you can't say that that's the majority of the murders, since it's quite the oposite.

Also, in many places, local law enforcers have had their guns taken from them, and some died already at the hands of criminals who had guns used in war zones.

So you are either deeply misinformed or a big liar.

Mr. Marcelo Campos has no idea of the Theory of Reflexivity. People who take their own time to enter on Open Society website to expose their "opinions", should, at least, try to understand the ideas wich leads their work.

Edmilson, I´m not brasilian but i´m living in brazil since 2013 now. Let tell you that in brazil exist a kind of racism and apartheid. Sure if you speak to any brazilian, nobody say is racist and tell you that have black people in his family. But the reality is that the majority of black people live in favela, study in public school, don´t have a formal work. Because the rich white people indicates his white friends for well paid jobs. This is vicious circle of moral corruption.

Já que todos são brasileiros, vai o comentário em Português*

O racismo no Brasl é estrutural, então não podemos personificar a culpa, mas também não dá para fingir que não somos racistas e que está tudo bem. Todos os dias as vidas negras são exterminadas, hoje um homem negro foi morto com 80 tiros dentro de um carro com sua família, mês passado um jovem negro foi morto dentro do supermercado, há um ano foi a Mariele, ou seja pode confundir tudo, pode ter muita coincidência, mas são sempre os negros morrendo,, então galera se liga, não estamos dizendo que vocês brancos são os culpados, estamos dizendo que vocês tem que assumir os seus privilégios e parar de nos matar.

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