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The Growing Movement for Intersex Rights

Ruth Baldacchino

The “I” in LGBTI stands for intersex. Intersex is a term that describes a range of variations to sex characteristics—such as chromosomes, genitalia, and hormones—that occur naturally.

Intersex people often experience prejudice, discrimination, and abuse because their bodies do not conform to other people’s expectations about sex and gender.

Silenced for many years, intersex rights advocates are now being heard. After years of advocacy, the intersex rights movement is now recognized by governments, medical personnel, and now funders, with a special fund now dedicated for this work.

In this video, Ruth Baldacchino, program officer at the Intersex Human Rights Fund explains what it means for intersex issues to be recognized within a wider range of LGBTI issues and how important it is that intersex people are leading the work to advance their health and rights—including towards ending unnecessary and often nonconsensual surgeries.

The Intersex Human Rights Fund is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations. At Open Society is a video series highlighting the people and ideas that are inspiring our work—and changing the world.

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