How Democratic Transition Can Unfold in Ukraine

In the months since thousands of people took to the streets to demand an end to a retrograde kleptocracy, Ukraine remains in the headlines. The tragic story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 once again underscores the need for policy makers, especially in Europe, to take a unified stance against barbarism and in defense of basic human dignity.

Despite last week’s tragedy and the ongoing conflict in the east, there is hope.

For three days in Kyiv, 200 experts and practitioners from a variety of sectors, including key ministers in the Ukrainian government, met to map out a reform process and explore how to reposition the country. The change ushered in on the Maidan is now being channeled into plans for better governance, law enforcement, justice, energy, macroeconomic development, health, and education.

A reformist agenda for Ukraine can be a template for how an effective and democratic transition can unfold. 

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I would guess that any new mother would admit the natural birthing process is not only painful but also emotionally and physically taxing. It may seem like a cliche and likely is but indeed the new birth of a new day of democracy has not been easy in the Ukraine/ From the first moment I heard of the former president being ousted I was glad yet concerned for the people of that great nation. The Kiev centered people of Ukraine desire true self-determination and freedom not only in government but also cultural and economic progress through democracy. It is no secret that the most prosperous nations of the world are democratic . To live under the iron fist of any tyrant is really a recipe for poverty.

Dear People...There are times I shake my head in a form of disbelieve with regards our current status in an evolutionary cycle to which we all are subjected. May many hearts be opened by watching such atrocious events.
Kindly, Leo.

Thank you for this informative and hopeful feature!
I can sleep better tonight.

The Ukraine is a nation with vast amounts of natural and supportive resources, as well as a profound rationale for tourism. If the wealth can be turned to the use of the people of the Ukraine rather than for the personal use of greed and power drive kleptocrats, the Ukraine will, under proper guidance and brinkmanship, set the new high water mark for both national success and per capita achievement. To do so, the Ukraine will have to do what no other country in the world is doing today, work together with a common belief and common cause, as well as with complete respect for one another. It begs to bed one the ideal hybrid socio-economic model for the best of what free enterprise and subsidized, well administered social programs have to offer. I wish for your success.

I wish the tragedy unfolding in Gaza has had as much critical attention from the US media and activists as does the issue in Ukraine. It seems that advocating against (and why not sanctioning) Israel is a much harder task in the US than sanctioning and criticizing Russia. To me, the Cold War mentality is going on.

Good, inspiring feature!
Civil society-led reform process is absolutely crucial in the incipient transition in Ukraine.
If successful, post-Maidan Ukraine could become a turning point for the whole of the post-Soviet space.

P.S. For more, see the recent publication "Civic awakening: The impact of Euromaidan on Ukraine’s politics and society"

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