How Private Sponsorship Programs Could Help Resettle Refugees

When Jennifer Nagel, associate chair of the philosophy department at the University of Toronto, saw the photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian boy whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey, she felt compelled to do something. With a Facebook post, she brought together 15 friends and family to raise the $33,000 they needed to sponsor a Syrian widow and her five children, currently living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Nagel and her friends will be responsible for supporting the family for a year, after which time they will be expected to be self-sufficient.

Canada began encouraging private sponsorship of refugees in 1979. Since then, volunteers there have helped resettle more than 225,000 people.

The current refugee crisis has spurred Canadians to action again. Last week, 164 Syrian refugees arrived in Canada as part of the new government’s commitment to accept 25,000 refugees by February. All 164 were privately sponsored, and the Canadian government aims to have up to 40 percent of incoming refugees privately sponsored by February.

Private groups will support the refugees upon their arrival in Canada, though the government will pay for their transportation, initial medical costs, and arrival expenses. Across the country, NGOs and government agencies have organized information fairs to bring together potential sponsors, educate people about the sponsorship process, and alleviate any apprehension they may feel.

Such sponsorship programs for refugees also exist in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Argentina. Ireland and Switzerland have experimented briefly with private sponsorship to reunite Syrian families, and the UK announced in October that it plans to develop a private sponsorship program.

With the exception of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, these programs only apply to Syrian refugees. In the United States, private refugee sponsorship has been used in the past for Cubans and Soviet Jews, but the current U.S. asylum system involves public–private partnership, in which NGOs partner with the government to resettle refugees.

Private sponsorship programs typically operate in parallel to government resettlement efforts and, in some cases, help expand the number of places available to refugees. A report just released by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) shows how sponsorship of refugees by private individuals or groups can serve as a safe and orderly means for refugees to reach protection. The report is part of a joint project between MPI Europe and the Open Society Foundations called EU Asylum: Towards 2020, which aims to contribute to the reform of the Common European Asylum System.

The report notes that at a time when policymakers are seeking solutions to the ongoing refugee crisis, innovative programs such as these could help spread the costs among different actors, reducing burdens on state entities. They also allow individuals and communities to actively take part in solving the crisis.

As part of the program in Canada, Jennifer Nagel and her friends will help the Syrian family they are sponsoring with school enrollment, housing, job search, health care, and navigating life in Canada. The Canadian organization Lifeline Syria recommends that individual private sponsors form groups of five or more to distribute the hosting tasks and to raise the required funds to support the refugees during their first year in the country. Sponsors need to submit a plan that covers all the practical needs of the families when they arrive, and undergo a background check before they are matched with a refugee family in the Middle East awaiting resettlement.

Some programs also allow organizations, corporations, churches, and other entities to sponsor refugees for resettlement. Australia only allows sponsorship by an organization; individuals and communities wishing to support refugees must work through these entities.

Studies have shown that privately sponsored refugees tend to become self-supporting sooner than government-assisted refugees. While such programs are not without pitfalls—including concerns that governments could offload responsibility for resettlement—they could offer the European Union much-needed alternatives to the current refugee crisis. The MPI report encourages the European Commission, European Asylum Support Office, EU Member States, and NGOs to examine such programs. 

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Please tell me hope to help.

My husband live alone in Pakistan two if his brother r on canada. So we also want to go there .becoz I have three daughters.for there good future.thankyou so much for this help

I am interested in sponsorship, fundraising for sponsorship funds, and direct action.

Ironically, some of the alarmist propaganda about the 'refugee crisis' in the UK, and the shameful existence of the little supported camps around Calais, have made me feel I live in a hostile country where my soul and spirit do not belong. However, we need to work for positive change within the U K, and do not have to flee.

Let's hope the United States and U.S.citizens and organizations work together to provide the same benefits for refugees.

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Being am refugee in south africa origin from East Africa Ethhiopia Oromo. I left my country before 3yrs still got a lot of humantrianin problems. Pl/se help me for 3rd coutry restalment.Thank you!

My name is Kalid I come from Ethiopia. now am living in Germany as a refugee, but I want to go to Canada by private sponsership. can you tell me what I have to do regarding this. Thanks!

from syria
i am disable 
i am living in Qatar with my family 
i like to come to CANADA as refuge 
so i need your help to get sponsor 
i dont know from where i start
if you need any information about me i can provide you 
i am waiting your reply 
best regards 

Ok i have 1 wif and 5 children's.plz help me

Am refugee from DRC in uganda_East Africa! Am suffering from insecurity related to what i fled away from Congo! I have no any way to be ressettled from here to europe! May i get private sponsorship please!! My phone number is 256792898912


We are Syrian family living in Congo, searching for a way to come to Canada. How could we find a sponsor as we have the financial ability to manage everything.

I find this article very interesting. We have just launched Syrian Community Network-San Diego due to the large influx of Syrian refugees in San Diego. San Diego is reported to be the most welcoming city in the US to Syrian refugees. The Syrian Community Network (SCN) was established by a group of diverse community leaders with the assistance of dedicated volunteers in an effort to aid the resettlement of Syrian refugees. SCN is prepared and organized to support the newly-arrived influx of Syrian refugees.
SCN is a secular and non-profit organization and is committed to the successful resettlement of the Syrian refugees. SCN will supplement efforts of helping the refugees adjust to their new home. Uniquely, SCN wants to facilitate building the bridge for mutual support between the newly-arrived Syrian refugees with the local Syrian American community.
Mission: To empower Syrian refugees in achieving a seamless transition and relocation to the United States through connecting people to the right services and support networks.
Vision: We envision a matured wave of Syrian refugees who are well integrated into the culture of American society and are leading independent, goal-oriented lives.
Past and continuing projects for SCN-San Diego is to partner with refugee resettlement agencies in providing support to the newly-arrived Syrian refugees. The support programs include: Assisting in job placement in local small businesses, providing furniture and household items, transportation, and assistance with translation and completion of necessary forms and enrollment to schools for the children.

my name is jean paul senga i am a refugee from Democratic republic of congo acctually in namibia osire settlement i want i need a sponsor for my resettlement to my contact 00264814434132.
thank you

Hi there, my name is Manga wa mpoyi from DRC congo. i live with my mother, a widow. i lost my father of long time ago due to ethical conflict. He died and left four children after 3years my mother got married to another man and a fifth child but her marriage was so miserably. In 2016 July there was a marching or movement people were protesting against the current president and in that riot my step father was unfortunately shot dead as a result she turned into trauma. However since my mother has become traumatized due to different adversities,she is no longer working, thus unable to provide basic needs for us due to intensive adversities and i am a single mother of a four old boy who has no father and my elder sister as well as my step brother We are still living in Congo but we are looking forward to flee my country. Would like to ask for help and your assistance to me will greatly be appreciated.
Thank you

Hello there my name is Mado Nzeba from Malawi.I am a Congolese by nationality and i have an important issue related to what i went thru and i m very certain that i will get a durable solution from you.
it all started in Democrat Republic of Congo on 10th July 2011, in democratic republic of Congo, province Katanga in a small town called Mpwetu. I was at my farm with my husband, when cultivating suddenly we saw the rebels surrounding us and those rebels were a group of Gedeon who was one of the greatest rebel’s leaders in Katanga province. They could severely beat us, so five soldiers started rapping me beating me to the point of death whilst my husband was also tortured, stabling knives on his whole body. When he saw me being rapped down, he wanted come and intervene though he could not have strength. When soldiers saw my husband screaming and crying stopping them to leave me, they immediately cut his head down then to his head on their hands showed me and said this is your husband, blood pulled off streaming down on the ground, seeing that made me collapsed. From then I did not know who took me , I found myself
in the hospital in Lubumbashi the doctors found that I was pregnant after being rapped, therefore the doctor treated me until I got well, and discharged after a year I gave birth to a female child who has no father.
It was on 26th December 2013, I was going to the market around 6am, i did not know that our area was surrounded by other group of rebels known as Mukunkubile mutombe, when going I stopped a bus beside me were also three women, and five men trying to board a bus, thinking everyone was a passenger, but they were all rebels they captured us and took us to their captain where they violently tortured us beating and asking us to show any place they wanted to operate. Whilst in their chamber they were rapping us when we became so hesitant, they could mistreat, beating us every night they could rape every woman by four men each. We couldn’t still accept to go with them; they got one woman and cut one of her breasts. She died in an hour; they also took the two men and cut them in to pieces in my eyes I became traumatized by then. After one week they asked us to go and show them the house to the governor, we could still refused to do that they dipped us in cold water. Finally we accepted to go with them and showed soon as they arrived there, they immediately started exchanging guns fire with the government soldiers, but we tried to escape the government soldiers captured us and took us some pictures accusing us of operating with rebels , also they came to find out that we were from the Kasai tribe and those soldiers were Katangese because kasians and Katangese often have ethnical conflicts, they could beat us and we only remained two women the other woman passed away due to severe torture, then these government soldiers decided to kill us too, they firstly killed other woman by cutting her legs she died with pains the next day it was my for me to be killed but I was lucky enough one of the soldiers felt pity on me because he was using me sexually, he made me to scape it was 12mp midnight he instructed the driver to take me somewhere, he told me to scape that night the driver took me to Kasumbalesa and went back. That was how I was served. There I looked for the phone and called one of our pastors to send my children urgently where I was. When my children joined me the day after and we crossed Zambia at night using an open truck. To me I still thought Zambia was not still safe for that’s how I crossed Malawi using an opened truck. So I can never go back to my country because those soldiers who wanted to kill me are still looking for me.
Your assistance to me will greatly be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

Hello sir, I am very glad to know the Canadian church help the refuge. I am asylum seeker with family now in Bangkok Thailand you know the UNHCR not help the people.if any person police arrested person call the unhcr office the office not pick the call bay chance the office pick the call and said we can not help you. The UNHCR gave the very long time for interview. When I go the UNHCR in 2014 the office gave me 3 year and 6 month time to wait for RSD interview. I still waiting for my number .we are face bad conditions. no have food No do work here if I go to work Thai police arrest.Sir me and may wife 3 year in a small room no go to out side room because we are afraid Thai police not accept the UNHCR card may room like a jail please sir help me.*:(( crying*:(( crying*:(( crying

i m Pakistani refugees in sri Lanka .i m Christian and wife three children .i m looking a Canadian church sponsorship.plz help us

Im a refugee(lgbt) from IRAN
I lived in turkey since 2014 Im waitng for third country first canda sayid we can not accept new refugee we just resettle syrian people and then unhcr told me you beeter change your third country to usa .I did it .and after interview suddnly pr trump came and change everything .now after 33 month living in worst situation with out safe job and family support WHAT can I DO? help me please

respected sir,
My name is sheraz chaudhry,I am an asylum seeker in thailand for last 3 years.we r 3 family members,me my wife and my 3 years old son.basically I am from Pakistan but 3 years before some unknown
Muslims attacked on me and trying to shoot me because they wants me to convert my religion.I am Catholic Christian and they wants me to convert to Islam but I refused.they threats me if you didn't convert your religion we kill you.
I flew from Pakistan and come to thailand to save my family's life but after 3 years UNHCR refused my case I am in big problem I can't go back because we have life threats in thailand we live in a very
miserable condition no jobs no any kind of support plz help me and take me out of here.
I need your help plz response me as soon as possible.
God Bless you.

I'm from DRC, I'm in namibia as a refugee since 2008 and since I'm here nooo solution and I'm going through a lot of effects without help please help

to info, ccrlist, Recruitment, privacy, publication

I'm Patrick kabamba, from Congo, I fled the country because persecution and insecurity of kabila regime to asylum seeking in south Africa, and here it became more waste than Congo, xenophobic attack, I facing permanent insecurity with people around me, in the flat apartment, they saying hatred speech against me and my country, saying I must go back, my children can't go to crèche because of the situation, I'm so confused even in the workplace I'm not free, to talk or to get initiative, always saying you're foreigner what you can say benefit for south Africa, go back to your country, go explain your point of view over there not here. So sometimes I don't even fill free to go to work because of the treatment what I'm going through. Please help me to get out of this country , I'm voiceless any bad thing can come to me and my family not body will noticed, before it become late please help help help, 0027745053776.

Dear sir\madam my name is Ferdinand lupundu from congo and am 19years old leaving in namibia refugee camp. i fled my country because of insecurity and rebels attack. it was 19th of october in the smal village in south kivu was attack by rebels afew hear people breaking with guns when they get their face was hidden with mask didn't say anything start shooting my father in his two legs, start tortured raping my mother and 2 sister as wel as me in bottom, put us black cloth in the face brought us in the forest, tighted our hand and legs and start raping my mom and two sister again infront of us a munite ago 3 rebels left with my mom and two sisters and after when other solda get sleep our dad tried to tight us off and he did but his turn soldier wake up and was angry took our dad start cuting him with heavy knif we manage to escort me and my brother and other rebels start runing after and separate way with my bro, that why am namibia camp but stil sufering and l'm for help or sponsors

i am Congolese who is living in South Africa as asylum seeker i fled my country because of insecurity and persecution .but when i get here it now more then 3 times that we have experiment xenophobia attack it make us more insecure .if any one who can help me with resettlement in Canada for me and my 4 children it will be well me +27633327060or email me [email protected]

I'm in sudan i came from Eritrea i need your help I'm with my 2 child

Request for refugee status and resettlement

Dear Sir/Madam,
I hope this finds you in best of health.
I'm an asylum seeker in Thailand, registered with UNHCR since December 2013. i'm looking for a private sponsor for resettlement.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.
I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Cornelious Qamar

I am from Eritrea and still living in Ethiopia as refuge in the refuge camp and I need a humanitarian assistance to reach Canada as a refuge and I am kindly requesting for Open Society Foundation to assist me for reaching to Canada.


I do not know how to start. I need your assistance. I have run away with my family. Now we are threatened to be returned by force. The daily life nowadays is totally unsecured . As I am a mother with my 3 kids I am persecuted and cry to you for urgent help. Not everything can be written otherwise...please I need your help. 00255756430313

Hello Sir / Madam

first of all let me introduce my self , my name is Hasan , I'm from Yemen Actually I'm looking for a sponsor in Canada as well as this I'm a refugee registered with the unhcr please can you help me how to get a sponsor



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