In Italy, the Drug Debate Gets Animated

Italy takes a harsh, punitive approach to drugs. Here’s how it’s working:

  • The state now spends €2 billion per year to enforce these laws (enough to make 6,000 kindergartens for 180,000 kids).
  • 800,000 drug-related cases are choking the Italian justice system.
  • Approximately one-third of the nation’s prison inmates are there because of drug-related offenses.
  • And despite the harsh penalties, one in three Italians have smoked cannabis and regular users number more than 3 million.

It’s clear that the current approach has failed.

So what’s the alternative?

Watch this animated video, and see what Italy has to gain by reforming its drug laws.

Supported by the Open Society Foundations, the video aims to inform the public about a proposed referendum on drug law reform in Italy. The referendum would seek a change in the law in order to keep nonviolent offenders out of overcrowded prisons and take a new approach to drugs.

If you agree that sane drug policy would be a smart move for Italy—and most other countries—please share this video.

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Great video, I will share it. Couldn't get the English subtitles, but visually it speaks for itself. You may be interested in my blog - I have been a drugs worker for 12 years and am now on a personal journey where decriminalisation can be the only conclusion.

And thanks for the work you do!

To get English subtitles hit CC in the lower right-hand corner and select English.

And you are definitely right! To engage people in successful life-saving services require a policy


Great stuff Italain friends


Thanks Andria!

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