Jokes for Justice in Latin America

What’s the role of humor in an open society? And can comedy be an effective tool for increasing tolerance, changing attitudes, and promoting social justice?

In this video, Open Society Foundations colleagues, partners, and grantees talk about how activists, civil society organizations, comedians, humorists, and journalists from throughout Latin America are using comedy to tear down prejudice, expose corruption, and offer a vision of a better world.

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Es lo más divertido que escucho en décadas, lo que me llama la atención es que creo que la realidad me divierte y me pregunto ¿como podemos aguantar a esos políticos corruptos que nos gobiernen?

Of all genres, comedy and satire are possible the most effective in a political climate where people are tired of the same narratives. Humor, good one, is always helpful to make the point.
Of course, in countries such as Colombia, major comedians and other social critics have been killed.

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