Justice and Growth Go Hand in Hand

What kind of world should we live in? This month in New York, governments from across the world will begin negotiations on targets that will shape global development over the coming 15 years. They do so at a critical time.

The new UN development framework will lay out a common approach and, with hope, improve on the success achieved by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in focusing attention of governments, aid donors, and funders on the reduction of extreme poverty. We have already seen extensive debate from governments and citizens alike over what these new goals should include, a debate that was summarized in a report in December from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

I am particularly delighted that the secretary-general identified justice as one of the essential components of a strong new development agenda. The prominence of justice is a significant and welcome shift from the MDGs, which mostly omitted human rights and the rule of law.

At my Open Society Foundations, we’ve been pushing for the idea that access to justice for everyone is essential. It ensures that people have the ability to participate fully in the social, economic, political, and cultural lives of their countries.

Development needs to include everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

For more than three decades, my Open Society Foundations have supported groups working to create the kind of world we want to see. Let’s make sure this work is supported and affirmed by an agenda that places justice and human rights at its core. 

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This work is so important

I do support inclusion of access to justice in post 2015 MDGs. I have witnessed significant number of vulnerable children access education through law.

Thanks for the comment and your support! Would you care to share more with us about the issue you are referring to? Best wishes!

Justice delayed is justice denied. Si the justice delivery systems must come quickly and be within the reach of the injured or the offended in society. Justice will not only be the business of the judiciary but must be within the thought, socio/cultural and governance systems of every society to engender peace. Foluke Idowu.

Thanks for your comment, Foluke.

Time to use science to save lives. We know how to prevent violence. Why not do it? http://bit.ly/1zt3SMk Let´s get Smarter Crime Control http://lnkd.in/dkV5jMz. Justice includes good governance of public safety. Access to effective public safety is as important as access to justice. Interestingly effective violence prevention is achievable even if police and courts are failing or corrupt.


Four policy areas need complete clarity and transparency in any nation's approach to justice and to growth. These are Policy (what is needed), Law (what is permitted), Finance (what can be afforded) and Management (what can be successfully carried out).

Realization of Human Rights is not possible in absence of justice and justice is not possible without legal identity.

If growth must eventually be limited by resources does this not imply that justice must be limited? It is clear that current inequities of wealth and income seem to be growing quicker than national growth.

If growth must eventually be limited by resources does this not imply that justice must be limited? It is clear that current inequities of wealth and income seem to be growing quicker than national growth.

How about more justice, more equality, more sustainability, and less growth?

Justice and peace are two faces of one coin but needs to realize and materialize it.

I will continue to teach others to fish and not give in to the ideas of just furnishing one to eat. My commitment to carry peace to these places of unrest will happen as I'm supported by those who pray. May our Father in heaven be glorified. It is time to help educate,teach and care for these countries. I'm all in!

Thanks for the comment. Maybe our push for justice and human rights in the world's development agenda is a matter of ensuring fair access to the river with the fish in it!

Its reality.

I hope open society foundation have real cotribution in eradicate extrem poverty ,.

Justice is important for every human! Delaying it is denying it, forbidding it! Justice cannot be ensured in countries where courts can not function independently and efficiently.

justice to all can be a nice slogan to give solace to mankind but in the real sense of the term there is no justice in the world because there is rampant poverty without eliminating it,there is no way to have justice in the sociaty.

Thanks Nirmal. Our argument is that global development efforts aimed at eradicating poverty are more effective when they incorporate justice and human rights - so that no one group is left out. Jonathan Birchall, Communications officer, Open Society Foundations

In 2015 WSM women are superior to men. Vote for every woman for women empowerment for peace not war

The impact that access to justice can only be measured when transformation is registered in peoples lives.

Access to justice is critical for peace & development, AND must be fully embraced as part of the world's post-2015 development agenda.

That should include full funding for the continuation of USAID's "Access to Justice (A2J)" program in Iraq -- which is all the more critical with the displacement of more than 2 million Iraqis over the past year!

I also strongly support the campaign for the inclusion of justice to the global development plans and policies.
I too, want to take action in my country, to see that atleast something is done to change the situation.

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