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‘La Ola Verde’ (Antanas’s Way): A Conversation with the Filmmakers

Film Screening: La Ola Verde (Antanas’s Way) (May 10, 2011)

The documentary La Ola Verde (Antanas’s Way) tells the intimate story of Antanas Mockus’s eight-week campaign for the Colombian presidency in 2010 and impact it had on a country just out of four decades of war. Mockus, the son of Lithuanian immigrants and former mayor of Bogotá, led a fully transparent presidential campaign, which was unheard of in Colombian politics and defied all the stereotypes about a Latin American politician. Even more surprising was that this unlikely candidate made it into the runoff elections along with establishment figure Juan Manuel Santos. Santos eventually won the presidency.

The Mockus campaign’s basic premise was that the rule of law is the best way forward for a country beset by the mafia. This ignited an unprecedented social movement in the country, with online frenzy and flash mobs throughout Bogotá and the rest of Colombia.

Director Margarita Martínez and producer and former Open Society Fellow Juanita León came together for two recent post-screening talks. Listen above.

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