A New Leader for the Open Society Foundations in 2012

Over the past years I have been preoccupied with the future of my Foundations and what would happen when Aryeh Neier and I were no longer around. When Aryeh told me he planned to step down as President in 2012, my concern became all the more real.

The Global Board created a search committee, which I was closely involved with. Together we were looking for a strong leader for the Foundations: someone with a deep understanding of open society values, intellectual independence, and a commitment to justice.

Today, I am happy to announce the next president of the Open Society Foundations. Christopher Stone, a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, is an expert in criminal justice with extensive international experience and will take the helm of the Open Society Foundations in the second half of next year.

This transition will bring the most significant change to the Open Society Foundations since Aryeh arrived. Over the last 30 years my Foundations have given away more than $8 billion to help build open societies around the world. The Foundations have grown tremendously from my first ventures in the late 1970s and 80s supporting scholarships for dissidents in Eastern Europe and black students in South Africa.

We are all extremely grateful to Aryeh for his leadership and dedication over the years. He is a brilliant and determined leader who has shaped the Open Society Foundations into what it is today—a leading supporter of efforts to promote democratic governance, rule of law, the rights of minorities, and civil and political liberties. I am confident that Chris will carry on Aryeh’s legacy.

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Dear Mr. Soros! Congradulations with the decision made and good luck to OSF with the new leadership in 2012 and beyond!
I have been inspired by your post and your news, and shared some thoughts regarding the strategic 'followers' with a wider community of critical thinking practitioners through a Blog that was initiated with support from ESP, OSF back in 2009 as part of Critical Thinking Program - which today we are trying to reorganize under the concept of "Thinking Academy" http://www.criticalthinkingblog.org/definitions/if-you-are-not-able-to-p...

Thank you personally, and OSF leadership, for all the great things you are doing around the world!

Veronica Cretu, Moldova

Congratulation and best of luck to Mr. Soros!!!

Thanks for supporting education in Kyrgyzstan.

Dear Mr Soros,

Congratulation and good luck.

May God bless you abundantly.

I love you as God loves me.

Yours Sincerely,
Chandra Paul Ollery
Hyderabad - South India.

I'm wondering what relevance "an expert in criminal justice" has to building open societies around the world.

Dear Mr. George Soros,
Kituo cha sheria is greatful to you and the Open society Foundation.

We wish the new president blessed future as he takes over the helm of the Foundation.

Mike Karanjs

Dear Mr. Barrow,
Re: your comment on the "relevance of "an expert in criminal justice":

Justice is good. Crime is bad. Totalitarianism which denies or controls individual liberties beyond that necessary to ensure the equal liberties of others is criminal in a open society. Therefore, one who has great expertise in bringing criminals to justice can be greatly relevant in building open societies around the world.

Dear Dear George Soros,
Your works are lights in the dark confusion of our times, i will never forget my conversations with students at your university in Budapest.....the amazing excitement, the near explosive challenge of "enemies" sitting working studying together...people there were on an unimaginable voyage. My very brief visit to your university gave form to what i knew must be POSSIBLE but had never seen....and i continued my own work energized, inspired and certainly grateful to your singular strength of character for blazing this path.

Please do not pause....

The foundations and its leadership have tremendously built a strong course to open society values. Information for youth empowerment programme in northern Uganda is a supporter institution in this struggle.

I strongly commend the new president, Christopher Stone for his deliberation on the qualities OSF has profoundly taught him.

Open society foundation has left a profound track record of performance in making the world a better place, and i believe that Christopher Stone as the new head will add more value in this direction.

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