A Podcast Examines the Intersection of Life and Law

Rule of law means that all people and institutions are subject to well-defined laws that are fairly applied and enforced, without regard for who they’re affecting. It’s a critical component of an open society, and a topic that has long been debated and interpreted by governments and scholars around the world.

But rule of law is only half the equation. Drawing from years of reporting on the criminal justice system, journalist and producer Nancy Mullane and her team explore the distinction between the rule of law and the role of law in American life through their biweekly podcast, Life of the Law.

To examine the role that law plays in our daily lives, the award-winning show weaves together investigative reporting and live storytelling by people impacted by the criminal justice system, including students, journalists, attorneys, police officers, educators, legislators, and the currently and formerly incarcerated.

By highlighting voices that would ordinarily go unheard, Life of the Law breaks new ground in long-running debates on issues ranging from the death penalty to surveillance to women in prison. And by approaching the topics from a place of inclusiveness, it reinforces the fact that, either by circumstance or citizenry, we are all directly impacted by the laws of this land.

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The law is like a mirror which help you to see where dirt spots are on your face. Let us clean our faces and not breaking the mirror for exposing our dirty , The law is good when we know it and keep it.

Thank you.

Am so happy with your advocacy and information.But pliz in Uganda,the majority still lack information .At least you can involve me voluntarily.

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