The Power of Ideas to Fight Racism and Xenophobia

As America’s first black president prepares to leave office, it is time to double down on support for a new generation of leaders of color. At the Open Society Foundations, we are launching a new initiative to do just that and more.

The Equality team within our U.S. Programs, led by Leslie Gross-Davis, has started the Soros Equality Fellowship to provide financial support and training to a small cohort of fellows annually, all of whom are working in their own ways to undo racism and xenophobia. We encourage applicants in midcareer working in a wide array of settings—in academia, advocacy, media, law, technology, and the arts.

In the years ahead, we aim to identify and back dozens of talented new leaders with creative plans to confront and ultimately subdue the forces of racial and ethnic animosity that continue to divide Americans.

Barack Obama’s election and reelection have been inspiring milestones, but the results have not yet come close to fulfilling the hope that propelled him to power back in 2008. Race continues to divide Americans.

Evidence of discrimination abounds—in attacks on voting rights, anti-immigrant hate speech, hostility toward Muslims, biased policing, and a stubbornly persistent racial wealth gap, to name just a few. According to a survey on race relations published this summer by the Pew Research Center, 60 percent of Americans feel more change is needed to bring about racial equality. Since then, the toxic rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign has underscored that desperate need.

At the Open Society Foundations, we have long worked to advance racial justice. We work to expand the franchise and boost participation among all who historically have been kept on the margins, excluded from full access to political power. And we build bridges among the diverse champions of justice, bringing advocates together across racial, ethnic, and generational lines. We recognize the power of individuals committed to change, and we are excited about the opportunities these fellowships will offer a new generation.

The task is daunting. The mission is urgent. Yet we know the strength and courage to remove the persistent stain of racism lives among us. We hope to follow the lead of our fellows as they take us all forward. 

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Racism and inequality will not end until the US government ends modern day slavery. The US is the number one country that has no real interest in the rehabilitation of its citizens. Criminalizing the majority of our citizens fails to give them an opportunity to obtain a small piece of the American dream.
It also prevents them from climbing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Most ex-offenders will fumble between the first two levels of Maslow's Pyramid. This also affects their family members as well. Most ex-offenders are denied the basic option of living in a decent environment and also denied the freedom of obtaining proper employment. This is overwhelmingly true when it comes to African American males.

I'm looking to change that.

Inequality ( specially between sexes) in the main root of all evil activities throughout the world, including US as well. Moreover, it cannot be eradicated by focusing on one place only . There should be some specific programs that "help people themselves".In fact US should start from every aspects and angles and place . We cannot wait till the full devastation of the world . As a result, America as the leader of the countries, should hire different people from various background to help the movement more rapidly. As we have seen , the security , peace and happiness of one country cannot be something separate from other parts of the world. The strive should be started from everywhere.
Hope to see the brighter future for human rights as soon as possible

I think that racism never stopped going to the United States since the issue of racism is treated with laxity and no real way and that it hurts the bottom vaudrais that this issue be addressed official and direct manner

All the best to the Open Society Foundations on this urgent mission. Your article drove me into tears as I read it brought a lot of sadness and sad memories as a Black woman who grew up under the Apartheid regime in South Africa. By no means do I equate USA to that evil Apartheid regime. I'm inspired also by your commitment to do something.

Privilege is innate in America. Many of us who have known some of it do not wish ill of others of any economic or ethnic stripe. We have been told since we were very small that we could do anything we set our minds to. They said hard work and determination was all that was needed. We automatically press this same standard on others even though they may reside on a different level. We don't understand that their Goliath is so much larger. This doesn't make us racist but ignorant. We need to learn.

Racist is an concept that deals with status the issue is that the status has been switched from the original folks to non original to destroy linage and heirlooms and keep people from getting what's rightfully theirs when u fine the core of the situation u reverse the damages

I dont think racism will ever end because people look on the outward part, and not on the heart. Your judged first boy oytward apoearances, and then by how much you either know or whats you own or by what University you went to...besides color, how much your worth, and then cuktyre and nationality. Theres alway something human nature measures success and happiness by. If we could just give respect and get to know the other persons we could build a better society, but schools and colleges are so ordered by government to make everyone the same. Hence we cant be different or we are penalize and enslaved. Because were not allowed freedom to express ourselves out of the insane box of beliefs. We have been ostracized from our own ability to think for ourselves. Hence we are easily bought by the highest bidder! The richest bukky at tge top of tge oyrsmid, George Soros!

Each country and each culture have own racism the only difference is the racism is getting very highly the countries that have democracies such U.S and is very sad issue to deal, because when the leaders and educated people are been part of participating such things the human capacity and values are far for knowledgeable. To my point , we need to start developing the world human capacities and actual real purposes.

We hope for the best in United State cos this is a hard moment for them to show to the world what they got.
The world is watching.

The cause is justified, but at the moment there are 45.000.000 people enslaved, one way or another. Isnt that a more and bigger priority? Just wondering.

The word 'racism' has been so abused in the last few years that it has become meaningless. I have noticed that the more the word is used the richer the rich get....and the more divided society becomes..

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