Remembering the Victims of Hate

Just in time for tomorrow's Transgender Day of Remembrance, Transgender Europe has released an updated report from its ongoing Murder Monitoring Project.

The report documents murders of trans people (179 in the last 12 months; a total of 487 since 2008) by country (the majority last year from Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, and the USA). It further illustrates the horrific hatred and violence transgender people continue to face in much of the world today and the need for strong action by governments and other institutions in society to address it.

Each year on November 20, people gather in cities around the world to remember those in the transgender community who have been killed. The day of remembrance was initiated in 1998 following the murder of Rita Hester, a transgender African American women in Allston, Massachusetts. In response to her murder, a group of friends organized a candlelight vigil to express their grief over her death and to call for public action to address violence against transgender people. Today, the event is marked in more then 180 cities worldwide.

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The term "hate" for acts as this is not appropriate. My reasoning to state that is the opposite of hate is love and its more than probable the victims had no inter-personal relationship with the perpetrator of claim it as a crime which has deep rooted values stemming from a devout or substantial bond is incorrect.
Ignorance is more a component to the nature of violence against an individual based on appearance or an-others psychological make-up, or personal history.
Ending discrimination and public education is the answer to end crimes of violence against transgendered people, although one must take in account that just because and individual is in heels and lipstick does not mean they are subtle, kind, or non aggressive nor intentional in precipitating sometimes a volatile reaction.
Public officials in America whom practice and detail lawmaking which practice any form of discrimination should be fired and lose any business license or registration they possess as it is against the law in the U.S. to discriminate, why a certain or specific a minority is excluded from discrimination laws- is discriminatory-explaining this is nothing short of an insult to any intelligent human being. Man America is warped, insidious, and hypocritical as a country, pathetically regressive in area's....oh but "we'll get there" and "there's hope".....
no doubt.

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