Resorts Provide No Vacation from Racism in Lebanon

As summer heats up, IndyACT’s Anti-Racism Movement is taking a careful look at Lebanon’s private beach clubs, where non-whites are routinely denied admission.

The group has found more than 15 resorts that turn people away if they are black or Asian, or perceived to be maids or other migrant workers—even if these people are able to pay the admission fee just like anybody else. IndyACT is using videos documenting these policies to mobilize advocates and push the government to step in.

"The Lebanese government should take the initiative to fine those resorts that are engaged with such policies going against the UN Charter of Human Rights, in particular the item relating to equality," said Ali Fakhry of IndyACT in a recent statement.

The Open Society Foundations Middle East and North Africa Initiative supports this project, as well as other efforts to promote equality and nondiscrimination across the region.

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