Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End

The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, Bashar al-Assad. Russian planes are bombing the civilian population of Aleppo, the country’s second-largest city, to assist Syrian government forces that are attempting to take control of rebel-held areas of the city.

The combined assault has, among other things, killed hundreds of people and wounded over a thousand, put the city’s remaining hospitals out of commission, and deprived the population of drinking water.

President Putin is moving aggressively to exploit the three months between now and the January 20 U.S. presidential inauguration, based on a callous political calculation. As the New York Times puts it: "Mr. Putin calculates that the departing President Obama will be unlikely to intervene in the escalating Syrian conflict and a new American president who might consider a tougher policy will not yet be in office. 'Putin is in a hurry before the American elections,' said Nikolai V. Petrov, a political scientist in Moscow. 'The next American president will face a new reality and will be forced to accept it.'"

Other articles in the New York Times and elsewhere have vividly depicted the suffering of the people of Aleppo and the heroic efforts of the doctors and civilians like the White Helmets who are risking their lives to help them. When the facts are fully established, Putin’s bombing of Aleppo will be viewed as among the modern world’s most egregious war crimes.

I appeal to the people of Russia, the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world not to stand idly by, but to spread the word and voice their outrage. An outpouring of public opinion could induce President Putin to put an end to his heinous crime against humanity.

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End this Humanitarian Catastrophe NOW.


The shame of it all is nothing will ever be done about it. I've posted on my FB page a drone video taken by some reporters giving a horrific view from just above rooftop of what a once pretty city looks like now.

Putin will never be held accountable but he should be and he should be publicly hanged.
IN another universe he would have already been swinging.

Human rights, freedom and justice are guarantors for peace. Only peace will bring together nations and families. I am in favor of anti war.

Mamoudou Kouyate

Stop the bombing on Aleppo now. Stop the chemical weapons, the barrel bombs, the cluster bombs, the gas bombs and so on.

What about the propaganda bombs? You know, those ones that hit the mainstream press in a mass campaign of disinformation and unfounded allegations of chemical weapons (fact: used by rebels, NOT by Assad), barrel bombs (fact: a rudimentary weapon no longer used, actually killed fewer civilians and did less damage than the conventional bombs used BY THE COALITION!), cluster bombs (fact: used against entrenched terrorists in specific attacks, NOT against civilians), gas bombs (fact: WTF? You mean phosphorous I assume, which is considered and used as a conventional battlefield weapon equally by the coalition, with equally unpredictable results!) Please try to go a little deeper!

Save the children, please!

Конечно нужно сохранить детей и ни только детей.
Ну так выступите против правительства сша, подыгрывающего исламистким фанатикам.
Россия не бомбит Алеппо.
Зачем ей это? Она законно принимает участие на стороне законно избранного президента Сирии Асада. А что там делают американцы, фрацузы, англичане, и пр?

Kara samideano Geoge Soros
Ni estas kontraŭ la milito, vi povis fari kampanjon por la esperantistoj eniri ĉi batalon por paco kaj diri al la prezidanto Obama fari ion en la kampo dipromatico kaj halti la atakojn. ŝiaj admirantoj Fabiano Lima kaj zilmara machado el Brazilo

God help us that we have given Putin the ability to take over the conflict in Syria and inflict such horror on the people of Allepo.

Can we do nothing at all?

The question becomes this: Do we intercede and risk a world war or are we forced to stand back and watch the daily slaughter on the nightly news helplessly?

Putin needs to be told that he is committing his air force to commit war crimes in Aleppo. Putin will be brought to justice by be the world's condemnation of his policy.

War crimes are being committed by Assad and Russia in Syria. All the people who are committing these crimes should be held responsible in the World Court. Anyone doing business with these people should be held suspicious to the free world. Possibly sanctions.

Lie. terror was done by those who took this peaceful city and started fight against government, merge with ISIS and other Islamic parties, who refuse to allow peaceful people to leave city (Assad created a corridors) and who broke the peace proposal (note - not Assad and not Putin, but terrorists). All Assad is doing is taking removing terrorists from his country. All Putin is doing is helping to keep Syria from disintegration (if it happen, you would have one more Livia around). All US is doing is helping one terrorists while fighting others. So stop US not Russia, US don ot have any right to send planes to Syria while Assad is in his right to ask others for the help.

I do not imagine why Mr. Putin acted aggressively like this, especially in case of Syria, and I agree with Mr. Soros one hundred percent that these acts by Russian and Syrian presidents must be faced by the international community, European union as well as whole world, beside that I insist for those who are responsible for human rights violation to be held accountable, especially from Syrian government side.

Behave in a humane way to save humanity and create a future for our world.

The real wars are Never won by any army. Only battles can be won by them. I'm quite sure that military men of any color might have difficulty understanding this or they might totally disagree with this, because of the way they are "prepared/programmed" from the society where they are living in. It is only the statesmen who do understand it sometime when they become older in age and experience. Humans are intelligent animals/creatures. Armies can enforce realities but can't enforce psychologies. That's why armies/military can only win battles but not Wars. Anyway this is my opinion based on my life experience (I come somewhere from East Europe). Anyway the globe keeps spinning and the human still stands in front of a mirror/reflecting surface and tries to understand who he/she is. That's the BIG war. Many old statesmen like Julius Caesar etc understood it. And they had big armies... The tipping point for any society arrives when that society decides to solve most of its problems with the power of army. Whatever... just my thoughts. All the best to all of us.

Mr.Putin must stop the bombing immediately and the world superpower must intervene.

Aleppo - your finish. Do not fall ill.

I want to stop the bombing in Aleppo now!!!


This is a cruel , uncivilazed bullying on innocent citizens , however whoever is doing this bombings and the instructors will meet their fate , god will prevail.

The destruction of Aleppo is an appalling crime that will ultimately achieve nothing except create greater instability and violence in the world.

Yes, I voice my outrage by bombing the civilian population of Syria by American planes!!!

my prayers are going out daily

Utterly callous actions, intended to show the West's inability to act coherently. Deeply frustrating to watch idly the destruction of a people and city.

All of us join hands to boycott and isolate all russian products,.

Mr. Soros,

Thank you for your support of these people. The idea that the elections in the United States and the rhetoric has fed into this horror is heartbreaking.

Tracy Kennedy

We need to start organizing some rallies on big cities for Peace in Syria to call attention to what is going on.

Dear Mr. Soresu that I have not heard your disturbances when the US bombed Yugoslavia, killing of innocent people in Iraq and Livii.Ustroilo perevorov on Ukraine.Hotelos to hear your opinion on this povodu.Vot and it is precisely these war crimes against humanity .

Russian military in Syria at the request of the legitimate president. They are fighting against terrorists. And America has always fights where it is not called - Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia ... After the American presence - everywhere scorched earth.

J'espere que ce n'est pas trop tard...

Американцы, а вам никогда не приходило в голову, что вас обманывают? Что вам лгут в ваших СМИ?

Американцы то это понимают. Но СОРОС делает вид что не понимают. Хотя да, им врут напрополую. Сами же умные американцы пишут в своих журналах, что нет там никаких _борцов за свободу_ а есть исламисты всех мастей, которые просто перекрашиваются как им выгоднее. И всем разумным понятно, что или Ассад победит их (договорившись со вменяемыми и убив нафиг невменяемых) или Сирия станет еще одной дырой без законов, вроде Ливии (да и Ирак недалеко ушел, судя по терактам).

thank you for your support

Has author of this appeal thought about what US has been doing all these years in Syria?If US stops supporting terrorists and investing money into them...who knows it might end quickly with re-union of the country

Thank God somebody sane has actually contributed to this conversation. Give Syria back to the Syrians, US and NATO OUT NOW!


You have forgotten 9/11 and numerous terroristic attacks throughout the Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. Russian military forces are the only one that is legal from the point of view of international law. They fight rebranded al-Qaeda - Jabhat al-Nusra, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam. No one wants civilian’s deaths. So let America help to sort this bunch of “democratic fighters”.

Syria's children,like all children,deserve a peaceful place to grow and learn. Assad and Putin are war criminals and should be tried as such. Their hubris and arrogance, their crimes against humanity, are beyond words. I detest them both.

It'd be nice if this post was more actionable. What can one do to help ensure one's voice is heard by those one hopes to hear it?

Further, what could one do to more broadly assist in ending the suffering being experienced in Aleppo & across Syria?

Enough to lie and mislead people. It is the US to blame for the fact that people suffering from not just militants in Syria. That the United States is a gangster with a big road, it destroyed the US in recent years, many countries, starting with Yugoslavia. Remember as Libya, Iraq. Someone shook a test tube with detergent at the UN? It was the most disgusting representative country from United States! You're a liar, Soros!

Right, after bombing Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistan and Lybia to stone age, you are now concerned about humanitarian "something" in Aleppo. Clap-clap-clap.


Crime in Aleppo gives one more conformation about "no rules and law" to someone who has power and does not have idea-what LIFE IS FOR!!! War in nova day- it is only cruelty from history and ignorance, but BIG SILENCE from MAJORITY!!!! Therefore, keeping OPEN SOCIETY as a VOICE for FIGHTING PEACE AND DEMOCRACY is LIFE NECESSARY for HUMAN!!!
Kindly ask be not aside in time where LIFE is ONLY VALUE!!! Mr. George Soros YOUR PRESENCE AND IDEA TO FIGHT WAR CRIME is SO IN TIME and SO NEEDED FOR ALL OF US!!! Thank you for being with DEMOCRACY SUPPORTERS!!! BELIEVING in YOUR POWER OF MIND!

"Stop the bombing" simply allows the western backed and armed jihadists to take over. Syria was a secular society with considerable freedoms before this so-called civil war was fomented and helped along by neocons in the west. The jihadists need to be stopped, and since the US was unable or unwilling to do so over so many years, because of it's impossibly complicated and likely complicit relationships with Al-Qaeda et al, I'm glad that the Syrian army, with Russia's help, is finally making progress. THEN they can have an election and see whether the "evil" Assad really is as unpopular as the western press makes him out to be.

Right on Veronica!

Факты совершенных преступлений должны быть доведены до широкой общественности России. Россияне поддерживают президента только потому что обмануты зависимыми от Путина Средствами Массовой Информации.

Рома, ты откуда свалился?

Странно, у меня в США нет _Путинских СМИ_ но я прекрасно вижу, что американцам врут и что в Сирии прав как раз Ассад, которые борется с террористами. А американцы разводят крокодильи слезы. При этом когда в Йемене Сауда разбомбили город, никто и слова не сказал. И на каких вообще основаниях США там кого то бомбят, тоже никто не задумывается (потому что даже бомбежки ИГИЛА американцами незаконны, их правительство Сирии пока еще не приглашало с ИГИЛ бороться).

И смерти детей (хотя их там особо и нет) на совести тех террористов, что этот город захватили а потом отказались от мирных переговоров. А не Ассада и тем паче не Путина


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