Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End

The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, Bashar al-Assad. Russian planes are bombing the civilian population of Aleppo, the country’s second-largest city, to assist Syrian government forces that are attempting to take control of rebel-held areas of the city.

The combined assault has, among other things, killed hundreds of people and wounded over a thousand, put the city’s remaining hospitals out of commission, and deprived the population of drinking water.

President Putin is moving aggressively to exploit the three months between now and the January 20 U.S. presidential inauguration, based on a callous political calculation. As the New York Times puts it: "Mr. Putin calculates that the departing President Obama will be unlikely to intervene in the escalating Syrian conflict and a new American president who might consider a tougher policy will not yet be in office. 'Putin is in a hurry before the American elections,' said Nikolai V. Petrov, a political scientist in Moscow. 'The next American president will face a new reality and will be forced to accept it.'"

Other articles in the New York Times and elsewhere have vividly depicted the suffering of the people of Aleppo and the heroic efforts of the doctors and civilians like the White Helmets who are risking their lives to help them. When the facts are fully established, Putin’s bombing of Aleppo will be viewed as among the modern world’s most egregious war crimes.

I appeal to the people of Russia, the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world not to stand idly by, but to spread the word and voice their outrage. An outpouring of public opinion could induce President Putin to put an end to his heinous crime against humanity.

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Weinie President Obama encouraged the Syrian people (6 years ago) to revolt against Assad. They did! Now, hundreds of thousands of deaths later and the destruction of all of their major cities, the war goes on. Why encourage people to revolt when you DO NOT plan on supporting them? I wish we had just left them alone. Yes, a few hundred (or mayber a few thousand) might have perished under Assad in the meantime, but that is nothing compared to the deaths and destruction that Obama has helped heap on the people of Syria by encouraging them to revolt. 250,000+ plus have perished and all the major cities have been decimated. Meanwhile, Russia has intervened and is showing the US and it's Allies it will not stand by while its Allie is under attack.

God bless you

It's hard to imagine a better exercise [for the Russian air forces] than an operation in Syria. So we can practice there [in Syria] for a long time without any serious burden to our budget."
Putin. Press conference 12/17/15.
So, Syrian children are training targets for Putin.

Two million of Aleppo, Syria residents are allowed to die a slow death left without food and water. In addition to the hunger, thirst and illnesses, their houses are set on fire and bombed by Assad’s and Russian airplanes daily. In their impunity, Putin and Assad resorted to a Medieval warfare tactic of besieging rebellious cities. Last week, despite the agreement to allow the Red Cross to deliver aid, Russian bombers destroyed a convoy of Red Cross trucks carrying enough food and supplies for 75,000 people. As it is typically done by Russians, they launched a second wave of attacks, killing the paramedics who arrived to the scene and destroyed many ambulances. After reporters asked the Russian official spokesmen about the bombing, he answered with a wicked smile on his face: “Upon our investigation the convoy self-ignited and the aid was destroyed by fire.”
I wish to see the day when Putin and Assad will be tried in the International court for crimes against humanity, and executed.
I wish to see the day and hear the news that Barak Obama, Federica Mogherini, and current Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon, have troubles sleeping because when they were in charge, they did nothing to stop this genocide.
I wish Donald Trump will spent rest of his life hiding his ugly face in one of his towers behind a 20 feet tall fence (for which new Syrian government will be glad to pay) for admiring Putin’s ruthless use of power and giving him praises. On one occasion Trump admitted that he could team up with Mr. Putin, because he “says great things about me.”
I wish Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, would leave the country for embracing Bashar al-Assad in April 2007, simply to embarrass the commander-in-chief during a war, who happened to be a Republican.
I wish Russian people would be forced to take tours to Ukraine and Syria where they could access mass graves and work to identify and rebury victims of Putin’s regime and see what kind of monster they raised and supported. This way they will never say “We did not do it” and receive a cure for their minds damaged by daily propaganda. The same things were done to Germans after the WWII. They have been forced on to their knees and with bare hands dug corpses of Jews murdered in concentration camps and rebury them in cemeteries.
I wish CNN, ABC, Fox News and all other news channels would start 24/7 coverage of those atrocities as they did when France was hit by a terrorist attack, or when there was a shooting in Orlando night club. It should cause an outrage around the world, and I wish the protests were organized next to Russian embassies around the world with signs “Syrians Life Matters”. But I guess the people in wealthy countries do not want to see things that are shameful for them and things that make them feel uncomfortable.

Россия не бомбит Алеппо.


Mr. Soros,
1. you forgot to mention the ISIS and collaborating terrorosts/killer, who cut off heads of peolple and children - you do not mention them in your article
2. Bashar al-Assad is also a president, you forgot to mention it too.
3. we think it's ok if two or more leaders get together to fight killers/terrosrists

Where in hell is the UN?

The UN has to be the most useless organization on earth.

So many here have not realized that Russia is the only real hope for Syria, that the US is supplying ISIS and other non-moderate groups with support and weapons, anything in order to defeat Assad, a legitimate head of state who, like others has been demonized, like in Iraq, Libya, .... Russia is the only country who is legitimately in Syria, having been invited by that autonomous country. The US should go home and nourish its own democracy. They planned to attack 7 countries in 5 years - see General General Wesley Clark in 2007 (Youtube).
Is this what you support?

This article is spot on.

Stop bombing of our own world. Lets Back to Unity, Back to Basic, Back to Nature, Back to Healthy, Back to Glory.
Back to Peace. UN have to take action on stop bombing.

You all forget, that Assad is THE ONLY LEGITIMATE president of Syria, and Russia have his request to help. US on other hand fight on foreign territory without any legal right to do it. And so Russia is in full right to help free Syria from bandits. Don't tell lies please, it bomb banditos, not hospitals and cities.

And to add, the best US can do is to leave Syria alone. This is USA who destroyed Iraq and Livia, and only Russian help prevent full destruction of Syria. And only American's involvement created ISIS and this war. So get out of Syria, USA, you do not have any right to be there. And again,. why you don't tell about killed boys in Iraq or in Afghanistan or around Saudi Arabia, where more civilians was killed... It is war in Syria, war against bandits,m and civilian casualties are unavoidable. In any case, if USA did not try to set up so called 'democracy' in these countries, we should have peaceful region and not war zone.

Does anyone believe this guy? After 5 years of slaughter in Syria where 400,000 people were killed, only now that Russia is wiping out the US-backed jihadis does he talk about a "humanitarian disaster". What a hypocrite.

The US us supporting al-CIAeda in Syria. The US must stop supporting terrorists.

Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End now!!

Нельзя прекратить то, что не начиналось

its so strange when western media trying to hide the reality and show a fake face and trying to play a humanitarian role...
how bring the ISIS and all others terrorists in the world to destroy Syria in order to achieve geopolitical goals ? is US and west ...who supporting and funding terrorist in Syria and turkey and KSA enforce sanctions against Syria and makes the Syrian people suffering ? US and EU ...what all theses media campaign against Syria and Russia ? because they fighting terrorism and destroying the US and west terrorist army of isis and alNUSRA front ..and others ....Syrian army and Russia fighting terrorism instead of the world ...stop fake news and media ....get you hand off ..

Do I think that the US/UK media is correct in that the desire to hurt Russia and Iran by helping Nusra and ISIS overthrow the government of Syria is more important than the lives of tens of millions of Christians and Shiites who will be ethnically cleansed when these Sunni terrorists gain power? No.

Глубоко призираемый русским народом, мистер Сорос! Русский народ, ознакомился с твоим обращением и вот, что решил тебе ответить:
Сегодня мир действительно является свидетелем гуманитарных катастроф исторического масштаба. Эти катастрофы произошли в таких государствах как: Афганистан, Ирак, Ливия, Сербия, Сомали, Судан, Украина и, упомянутая тобой Сирия. Все эти страны пострадали либо от прямой незаконной интервенции США, либо от недружественных политических действий администрации Вашингтона по отношению к этим государствам. Русский народ так же прекрасно помнит унижение и беды, нанесённые государством США России, в 90-е годы.
Вместе с тем, русский народ, отлично понимает, что государство США представляет собой мирового финансового вампира, питающегося финансовыми потоками других государств. И русский народ считает, что именно США является причиной бед огромного числа государств Ближнего Востока, Африки, Южной Америки, Европы, а так же ряда островных государств в Атлантическом и Тихом океанах. Таким образом, США, а не Россия, является источником нестабильности в Мире.
Так же, твоё обращение, наносит нам прямое оскорбление, так как из сказанного тобой, следует, что русский народ обладает отвратительной памятью и не помнит, кто и когда начал бомбить Сирию. Сегодня, США, в открытую, защищают интересы террористов, проводящих массовые показательные казни мирного населения. И так же, в открытую, поддерживают преступное правительство Украины, развязавшее войну против собственного народа и загоняющее свой народ в экономическое рабство.
На основании выше изложенного, русский народ уверено заявляет тебе, презренный мистер Сорос: идите .... далеко и подальше и не возвращайтесь

An absolute lie!

Sadly, this is another disaster caused by an unfocused foreign policy in the United States. Hope is not a policy!

it is the US responsible not Russia. I am disgusted by the mainstream media and their lies.

I want to support the governent and other organisations to pressure russia to stop killing children and civilians in aleppo let the aid in and the people out.

This is disgusting. What is happening to the world where you kill innocent children and woman from above the skies because you are too afraid to face your enemy on the ground face to face instead. There will be a special place for a person who make power hungry/money hungry/land hungry decision like this in HELL. Shame on every country and organization out there who just sit there and do NOTHING yet have the power to do something positive. Thank you to those people giving up their life’s to help the innocent person. And then people ask me why I’m so pessimistic towards other people in the world ….. this is why I have lost faith in the human kindness.

wow stops. you talk about russian but you forgot your murders and any people no say any sounds.
what you say about
1)Colin Powell shake empty tube in the UN and misled the world to destroy Iraq and millions of people. someone answered for these crimes?
2)September 29 2015 Arab Air Force bombed a wedding in Yemen 130 people die
3)Saudis attack on a funeral procession in Yemen 200 people die
4)US aircraft bombed a hospital of "Doctors without Borders" in Afghanistan 2 hours bombs and kill people
someone answered for these crimes?
you say russian kill people?
what you do?
US killed more people than were killed in World War II
soros you reject the government to become richer. You will soon die why did you do it? Let people live peacefully

this misery must end right now
Aleppo is burning
every day there are more than 200 citizens killed

This atrocity must stop-to be bombing your civilians is heinous and must be held up as war crimes

Russia only supports Syria because Russia is going down and has major problems. Russia's military aggressiveness exists because it wants to distract the public from the real economic problems. Every dictator "Putin" has done this in the past. Russia with its schemes, manipulation and fake history is just a facade. They can be lucky they have such a vast landscape and reserves which they use to full extend to fund the military. Mother Russia is a joke.

I wish to live longer to watch the day when Bashar and Putin will be tried and executed.

It is now imperative that the EU/UN steps up and acknowledges what it has palpably failed to do - negotiate peaceful dialogue as this is the only way to achieve resolution. Untenable is this continuous appalling slaughter; it MUST be our wake-up call for our societies; this is madness and MUST BE STOPPED.

Why is it that Allepo is being bombed. If the people there would not hide insurgents then there would be no reason to bomb there. So it looks like an easy answer to the world that if the people of Allepo stop hiding the insurgents and the bombing would stop. Don't you understand that Russia and the US can see a knat on your nose from outerspace. They have facial recognition software so they know who comes and goes. The people of Allepo are only fooling themselves to think they can hide their actions behind media stories. If they are not doing anything wrong, they wouldn't be getting bombed!

Genocide to innocent civilian men women & Children
is crime and need to justified by Criminal charges against the tyrant,wherever they are.

No Justice no Peace.

This has to stop ! We have to do something my god this has to stop

Is this selective outrage? or are we being truthful here? Who has destroyed countries and murdered mainly civilians, the world over? Syria? Russia? Iran? please enlighten me!

With your continued help the Syrian people will have the Peace and Freedom that Shriia brings ...Bless Allah.


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