The Scholarships That Launched the Open Society Foundations

Scholarships were my first introduction to philanthropy.

In 1980, I visited a Zulu friend in South Africa and discovered that conditions in the country were perfect for the mission I had established for my still-emerging foundation, which would work on opening closed societies, making open societies more viable, and promoting critical thinking. Apartheid South Africa was a relatively closed society; its institutions, including universities, were off limits to the majority of the country’s population, which was black.

At the time, the South African government paid tuition for every student accepted into the University of Cape Town. After meeting with a progressive official there, I agreed to pay the living expenses for up to 80 black students.

I confess I was quite happy to help direct resources of the apartheid state to integration. Not long after, I began helping Eastern European dissidents study in the United States, an endeavor that eventually led to my first foundation in that region, in Hungary.

Over the years, the Scholarship Programs continued to grow. We have funded social sciences and humanities students, people studying disability rights, and Palestinians working on the rule of law. From Albania to Zambia, on nearly every continent, more than 15,000 students have benefited from an Open Society Foundations scholarship.

Nearly three decades on, we continue to invest in individuals. Scholarships were the first large program of my foundations, and they will continue to play a big role in my foundations in the future. The ability to engage in critical thinking is an important element of democratic governance in an open society and one I am happy to support.

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It help as toachieve to achieve our dreams

Open society has tremendously changed people's lives so that people realising justice is prevail to all.

I am impressed by the enormous achievements of Open Society Foundations through awarding scholarship to over 15,000 people all over the world; thereby assisting in educating many people. Education is the only weapon to protection of human rights at all levels. I desire that such could be extended to us in Nigeria that are unable to educate our children due to large family composition. There people who are really hungry to ne educated, but have no means. It should not be only first class materials that needs the scholarship. People who are eager to learn needs to be considered too for the world to go round.

i would also want to benefit from the open society

Teach me how do I register for an Open Society Scholarship.

The world is truly a difficult place to live and it takes heroes to move beyond self-service to pull out many from this throat-cutting global competition and tyranny.

I think that is great idea to support the individual who are eager to learn and support the community as we as contribute to nation building.......on transparency and accountability......

It is really a good thing that you helped a lot of people. By the way, I'm Jessa, from the Philippines and I am willing to apply in the scholarship that you offer. I hope that you will notice and help me in my studies. Thank you and God Bless!

thank you guys for this project that provide this help to various philanthropic causes.
thank you Mr. George Soros for this tremendous philanthropic
just i'm from Yemen and i'm wondering is this emerging country and bombarded by war Is it in your agenda.
i hope you could do anything for my country

Kudos Soros for your wonderful gift to millions across the globe.

It is great idea to support the helpless to achieve their potentials.That is the way forward to development. How can I be supported for Scholarship in |Science Education?

I am a university student in China, how can I also benefit from a scholarship from your foundation?

I am very lucky to be one of CSLA beneficiaries, I can tell I am very lucky to be one of CSLA beneficiaries; I can tell how so many impossible things are becoming realistic, even before I finish my studies. This program gave me much of hope that better tomorrow is possible. Thank you for all you do to lift deprived ones to stand again and challenge the world with much of confidence and hope

Education is power! Thankyou and God bless

Thanks for offering scholarships to the needy, Iam requesting you to sponsor my travel to liverpool for a younggreen conference that will take from march 30/03/17 - 02 /04/17. waiting for a promising message.

I am from Nigeria with a registered foundation helping the helpless needy. How can I Affiliate this foundation with Open Society Foundation for Scholarship for disadvantaged children?

Thanks a lots for a such enormous intiative. May your foundation last for ever.

Je suis Togolaise. Je suis dirigeante d'une association de protection des droits de l'enfant. Vous avez une merveilleuse initiative. La sécurité scolaire aide les enfants et sauve beaucoup de jeunes de la médiocrité. Comment affilier notre structure à Open Society Foundations pour un appui scolaire de plusieurs enfants et jeunes démunis ?

Thanks Mr George, you're really making this world a suitable place for the economically disadvantaged youth through your education sponsorship. Youth are supposed to be leaders of today and not tomorrow

Hope for the best

I knew a scientist who was writing scholary articles at the age of 103 . The inspiration for his work was to always look for the "silver lining" , ....This was someoneone who had witnessed the devastation of two world wars and even worked on the."Manhattan Progect" which developed the atomic bomb. ...He eventually became part of an organization called "Atoms for Peace" ,scientists who worked toward nuclear disarmament ......The underlying philosophy was that the gift of our educations should always be used in service to humanity . --to awaken each morning and leave the world al little better place than how we found it ..

At the time, the South African government paid tuition for every student accepted into the University of Cape Town.

That is a lie.

I was born, grew up and educated in Cape Town. I was not able to attend university because my parents did not have the money to pay for it.

Many thanks OSF for supporting me to pursue my MS.

Thanks OSF for supporting such a great number of Youth, education remains key to development and success.

Open society foundation is doing a great work. I hope that many IDPs in Somalia will be part of the scholarships.

This is great

education has no substitute . education can eliminate war , poverty ,hostilty and create social and economic opportuniities for all

I just recently found out who Mr Soros was when I was trying to find out why a pipe boom was mailed to him. I am so impressed with all the good that he keeps pouring into our society we need more people like this in this world a little bit of positivity from each of us can make a difference . Thanks to Mr Soros and all his helpers out there I pray that God continue to protect all

Thanks you are changing the World, George Soros. One I hope will do the same thing as you did!
Is there any scholarships for talented students who are struggling financially?

Open society foundation are doing good work,I hope he would open their arms every where in this world so that for those who are fighting justice should know there own right when they are having support from Open society foundation.

Open Society foundation are doing great works especially for those living under poverty like African you so I would like to say thank you very much for your Assistance and support poor communities found around the world.

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