Sex Workers’ Untold Stories

Throughout the world, sex work is stigmatized as taboo, immoral, and dangerous.

Sex workers, meanwhile, are assumed to be victims—of human trafficking, drugs, abuse, and so on. In both cases, these assumptions are factually incorrect; worse still, they fuel policies and norms which not only fail to “protect” sex workers but, by forcing them underground, imperil their safety and health.

Thankfully, Objects of Desire, a new exhibition, based in Berlin and organized by a sex worker collective, is working to challenge—and dismantle—such misconceptions. By highlighting the ways in which sex workers manage relationships with their clients, lovers, families, and neighbors, Objects of Desire shows the complexity that is all too often lost in public debates about sex work.

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I would like to contribute to decriminalization and destigmatization of sex work internationally. How might I do that?

Whats wrong with this? i would mind being a sex worker why not have this legal in america?

i have been an escort this is good work i have truly enjoyed it

There is emergency need this profession be legalized in all countries. We fighting for this right last from ten years.

Open Society Foundations?

Sex Workers' Unt

Nem lehet, hogy azért tabu mert akikkel össze fekszetek annak egy jó része családos ember és igazából nekik soha nem lehet érdekük, hogy ne legyen tabu és ne keljen bujkálni? Ki ellen harcoltok?

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