Support, Don’t Punish: How You Can Help End the War on Drugs

June 26 is the United Nations’ International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Around the world, some governments use the UN’s position against drugs to justify policies that include beatings and executions for drug-related offenses.

In response, last year demonstrations took place on June 26 in 41 cities around the world—including in London, Paris, Kiev, Tbilisi, Oslo, Mexico City, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu, and Nairobi. The aim was to appeal to governments to reform draconian drug laws—which have resulted in mass incarceration, health epidemics, and violence—and to prioritize the public health and human rights of people who use drugs.

Since then, thousands more have taken to social media to share photos as part of this campaign calling on governments to reform drug laws, known as “Support. Don’t Punish.

This year, the campaign will be even bigger. Visit to find out how you can organize or participate in demonstrations in your city.

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From TARGAS community, we will participate this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank You. #BantuJanganHukum

What a great campaign! Drug use is a health issue and people who chose to use illicit drugs should never be imprisoned


We'll be pushing Public Politic Reforms in Mexico so we can bring out a fast cultural change among Terapeutic Justice and legalitation.

i wish to come there,pl help me

All public, say no to drugs, it is possible to get rid of the disease.

We are organizing two initiatives on the 26th at Camera of Deputies and Senate on this in Rome, Italy

I like this

The theme for this year's Drug Day Commemoration is “Global action for healthy communities without drugs”. It is an ambiguous and misleading statement. Not a single theme of World Drug Day since 1988 has taken a principled position. Never did it voice its opposition to the War on Drugs or support for drug use to be treated as a health problem.
This year we ought to oppose Conventions based draconian laws and agitate to amend the Conventions.
Expose the hollowness of UNODC's claims. Not one single goal of UNGASS 1998 has been realised, and the UN has higher hopes from UNGASS 2016!

“Global action for healthy communities without drugs” is the theme for this year's World Drug Day. As ambiguous, bland and meaningless as the themes since 1988.

The UNODC is afflicted with a repressive mindset of the 1950s that made the Single Convention and the rest. We ought to demand for amending the Conventions for only then can draconian drug laws be reformed. Or countries ignore them.

While many member countries are still busy being severe on drug users they are extra lenient towards drug traffickers. On April the 23rd the Australian Navy Ship HMAS Darwin seized 1032 kgs of heroin from a small Indian ship off the Kenyan coast. The heroin had been picked off a Pakistani ship along with a Pakistani escort somewhere between Dubai and Mombassa. The heroin was seized and destroyed. The crew were allowed to go their way. No investigations. The Australians Ship was part of a Combined Maritime Force (CMF) set up by UNSC Resolutions from 2009-2013 to fight piracy and provide security. This strange lawless behaviour is sought to be justified on the grounds that as some Arabian Sea countries have death penalties they do not want to expose these culprits to such threats. So they let them go! Thailand is one of the thirty countries of the CMF and it has death penaly for drugs.

The United Nations’ International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking should include demands for change in laws, policies, reversal of unjust convictions, and for reparations to innocents who unjustly served prison terms due to 40-year war on drugs that created substantial employment for prison guards, dea agents, prosecutors and judges who are now retiring with huge governmental pensions and benefits for life at the expense not only of ordinary taxpayers, depleting state budgets that should be use for populations' health and education, but most importantly at the expense of lives of incarcerated victims of the war on drugs.

I really support - SUPPORT DON'T PUNISH.
I have done that last year.
We are going to do it again this year on a bigger scale
in Kuala Lumpur.

Love, don't punish.
Love is the strengest power known to man. It can change å life form bad to good. Never from good to bad.

On this international day, Youth Advocacy Nepal, a youth led NGO, registered at Nepal, actively participate on the program for creating awareness regarding drug abuse on youth and drug trafficking around the world.

What a great story and cause. There are so many violent offenders of crimes out there that should be more of a target then drug users. Not to say that the use of drugs is better, just less violent. I work at Ocean Breeze Recovery in Florida, which is a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center and I hear stories from some people that have told me about being treated like hard criminals in the past by law enforcement. I've actually seen it happen on the news. Drugs are a big problem in South Florida where I'm at as well. It seems to make the news on a daily basis.

Best of luck to all,


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