Supporting the Next Generation of Palestinian Human Rights Advocates

For many up-and-coming young people from marginalized communities, winning a scholarship to study abroad can be a profound, life-changing experience.

So, when Munir Nuseibah, a Palestinian lawyer and academic, received a scholarship from the Open Society Foundations’ Palestinian Rule of Law Programs which helped him get another degree in the United States, he knew from first-hand experience what a difference that could make.

Thanks in part to his new degree, which allowed him to practice law on a more intentional level, Nuseibah went to Al-Quds University, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and set up the first clinical legal aid clinic in the Arab world. As well as teaching the next generation of Palestinian lawyers, Nuseibah directs the Al-Quds Community Action Center, where the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem can turn to for assistance with daily legal challenges—and human rights violations—that come from living under occupation.

“I see myself,” Nuseibah explains in the video above, “as an agent of change—in Palestine and in the world in general. Once you become a human rights advocate, you cannot also consider yourself as an advocate for [just] one country, because human rights [are] for everyone.”

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thank you

I'm very glad to read these informations of education. Without a quality education, the futur generation will soffer a lot. We can work together and give the way to happiness for all the students in our country.

good service!

I agree that education is the answer.
I don't agree that you call Israel "occupied Palestinian territory".
That is garbage.

Yes, this is garbage. Arabs in Jerusalem can easily become Israeli citizens with full rights, and many Arabs do so. If an Arab rejects Israeli citizenship, he's a resident. If he doesn't like being a resident, then he should accept Israeli citizenship. It's simple. By the way, Al Quds University is a hotbed of Hamas and anti-Israel terrorism. Munir and his "human rights" buddies are not "documenting" Israeli violations; they are inventing them for propaganda purposes.

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