The Theater Challenging One of the World’s Most Repressive Governments

Since its founding in Minsk in 2005, the Belarus Free Theatre has been a monument to human rights, democracy, and artistic freedom. So much so, in fact, that after years of being persecuted and harassed by government officials, the company’s founders left Belarus in 2011, and now live in the United Kingdom as political exiles.

But if the Belarusian government (which has been called “Europe’s last dictatorship”) thought that would be the end of the Belarus Free Theatre, it was mistaken. Despite being the only theater company in Europe banned by its government for political reasons, the Belarus Free Theatre did not simply endure but prospered. Using Skype to rehearse between the UK and Belarus, the company now holds performances in empty spaces in Minsk more than 100 times per year.

In the video above, one of the company’s founders and artistic leaders, Natalia Kaliada, speaks about the Belarus Free Theatre: how it works, what it represents, and why its audiences have been considered among the bravest in the world.

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Thanks for sharing this video! Belarus Free Theatre is an inspiration and their work is breathtaking.

I want to know more about Belarus Free Theatre. I am contacting from Papua New Guinea a developing country north of Australia.
I am interested because I like Theatre performances at the community level in my village.

Dear Stanley, thank you for your comment. For more information about the Belarus Free Theatre, please see the website here:

Belarus Free Theater. Your work is amazing .i comment your commitment to advancing democracy & human rights around the globe .We are also working for the same in KP & FATA Pakistan under our organizational plate form & theater group . cheers .

Whilst in Sweden taking political asylum from Australia due to a complex of reasons, including: vast malicious collusion, discrimination, persecution, vilification, organised and planning bulling and sexual predation amongst other inhumane and unconscionably unlawful, heinous misconduct; I first heard about the country Belarus and its poverty. I am ashamed to declare that I did not know of it or its compex of plights prior to this. There are many quiet voices in the world that need to be amplified.

Drama is the essence of a posh society... Must be relevant to present time.

I am sure in Central Asia the same drama.

It is the same in Croatia, only dictator is polivalent, parties as HDZ or SDP which turn on the so called elections, the voting system is adjusted that either one wins no one other can manage to win. So in theatre we have political theatre lidership which forms political toy teatre in national Theatres, theatre lider are often used politician, lawyers, outside cultural theatrical surrounding. So, if you are not in the party, you are dead. And when you have no job they kill you with justice and court taxes for not paying the water, garbage, phone where the interest for one euro can on court reach 1200 euros of debts so they take of your apartment, house, car and produce social case with out any rights. You just do not exist.

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