Ukraine: The Road Ahead

The news is grim. Despite a diplomatic agreement cobbled together to help calm the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, tensions mount. Pro-Russian activists continue to take and hold turf in eastern Ukraine—from administrative buildings to police stations—flouting cash-strapped Kyiv’s inability to muster a robust military response.

The United States and Europe watch anxiously, mindful of the sizable force Russia has marshaled at the border—and the potential for its conniving brand of psy war to become a model Moscow uses in Moldova, Georgia, and elsewhere. Domestic and other corporate pressures limit the ability of the United States and Europe to challenge Moscow’s hegemony more swiftly.

It is easy to forget, amid the headlines, the spirit of the Maidan that triggered these events. Average Ukrainians rose up in peaceful protest, and drove out a leader who was corrupted in the extreme. And it is that grassroots push for self-determination that Russia threatens now.

Certainly, Ukraine’s “glorious revolution” was not cost-free: the fringes of it continue to express unsavory (if not always unwelcome) nationalist appeals, and there are ethnic Russian concerns in Eastern Ukraine that are not unwarranted. Nonetheless, Moscow is seeking to destabilize Ukraine ahead of presidential elections in late May. It is more important than ever to support an independent Ukraine—one empowered to decide its own future.

The citizens who answered history’s call, and braved President Yanukovych’s bloody crackdown, stood for a principle. It took a toll. At this point solidarity with Ukraine’s Maidan from Russia and beyond is fundamental. The whole world is watching—and standing by.

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I fully support the right of self determination of Ukraine. Russia should not send in any troops beyond the number allowed to secure its leased naval base in Crimea.
The Budapest agreement allowing Ukraine in 1994 to relinquish its leftover nuclear missiles in exchange for Russia agreeing not to invade (with security guarantees from the US and UK) was a mistake. We might still have civil war, but at least Putin would pose much less of a threat.

muy preocupante lo que esta pasando en ese pais.

The people of the world are similar. Their basic needs are same. Be united all the local people in one agenda. This is local zeal will and change it into state, nation and sovereignty. You can, we can and every one can. Human problems can be solved within humanity, in society not in paper and emotions but in rational and reasons.

I wish journalists would stop saying that Ukraine lacks what it takes to mount a force against the "terrorists," or pro-Russian sympathizers who have taken government buildings, etc. It seems obvious to me that we - the West, Europe and the U.S. - are tying the hands of Ukrainian military forces, and making them think that they must use restraint against the pro-Russia forces and not escalate the tense situation by really fighting with weapons enough to kill or maim. Ukraine seems to be doomed to have either Russia against them or us for not keeping the "peace."

While I agree, in so far as I can believe the reporting, that Yanakovitch needed to go and that Russia has been interfering in Ukraine, every time I hear the US declaiming about this, as Joe Biden has just done, I think of the far worse US interference in Cuba. It seems to me that the problems in Ukraine are the unfinished business of the break up of the Russian Federation, and that what is needed is some international commission or conference to address that problem rather than the symptoms of Russian provocateurs and fascist agitators.

To make this article completely valid one should read every instance of 'Moscow' as 'Moscow and Washington'. Ironically, destruction of modern independent state of Ukraine is the most productive cooperation between Russia and the United States since the end of Cold War. Ukrainians are definitely victims of Geo-political game above their control which is pre-set with only one outcome: Ukraine joining bankrupt and energy hungry EU. Goodby Ukraine...

Looks like NATO, under American control and funding has created an self imposed government that might make debt & austerity agreements with the IMF. Out of the frying pan . . .

So. As we can see - it's another attempt of "Democracy Export" from US Foundations...
Remember Iraq, Libya, Syria...

Hi, I'm from Ukraine .
PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE NEWS ! THIS IS U.S. propoganda ! THEY have paid revolution and bankrupt my country , establish their own government .
Many regions WANT department, but we are called terrorists and separatists , BUT WE JUST WANT TO LOCAL SELF-DETERMINATION AND VOTE . NOW YOU POST TANKS AND PLANES THAT WOULD stifle dissent
PEOPLE BE CAREFUL , this can happen in your country ! Do not believe those who call you to the revolution and the overthrow of government - it is organized U.S. , they do not care about the rights of people and their lives

Natalia Bulgarians we know that it is so!
Although our prodezhen president WE THE PEOPLE IN BULGARIA are with you brothers and sisters!

I am from Bulgaria.
I agree with you! Most of the world does not know what is happening in Ukraine. They blindly believe the American US propaganda!

I am Bulgarian and I can say for sure Bulgarians have no objective view on what is happening in Ukraine. Most of the Bulgarian media outlets are Russia-financed, popular online forums are infested by paid Russian trolls, and it is dubious whose propaganda is winning in painting a slanted picture of the Ukrainian conflict. I also hate to see Bulgarians using this forum to insult the Bulgarian president. Those Bulgarians are not representative of the entire Bulgarian nation, and should not be considered appointed spokespersons of all of my countrymen on any issue of significance.

Keep off politics, think of human suffuring, detest aggression and above be honest with yourself, then we can overcome such problems.

Hello! I'm from Ukraine. Specifically, from Donetsk. Don't believe your american news! We stand for federalization, we are not the terrorists as ukrainian news said. All of as (at least 90%) want to join to Russia. We don't want to live with those people in authority. Open your eyes and believe us. Russians are not the occupiers. They are our blood brothers.

Mikhail Arkhipov, how dare you can talk from the people of eastern Ukraine and give such a false numbers? I'm from Lugansk (I guess you know where it is if you claiming to be from Ukraine). How dare you calling yourself Ukrainian and hate everything Ukrainian (culture, language, destroying Ukrainian flags, blocking Ukrainian military forces)? How dare you support Russian terrorist and waiting for Putin to occupy your territory? where is your dignity? where is your pride? you standing for federalization? do you even know exact meaning of this? do you know how Donbass region is going to feed itself (no industries, no factories left)? you should open your eyes and should be ashamed of yourself!

Interesting - who are the occupiers in Crimea now. Who came in and occupied the peninsula. The Tatars are now the minority and they are being oppressed by the Russians and the pro-Russian separatists. MIHKAIL - stay away from Ukraine and if you truly love Russia then - forgive me - but no one is stopping you from going to Russia - if you truly are from Ukraine.

I'm from the south of Ukraine and can definitely say that most people here (I would be careful with percent) are against russians here. The way they behave in Crimea shows they are not our brothers. Brothers do not hurt you when you are alredy in pain, brothers do not take your home when it is half broken, brothers do not kill you only because you think in a differnet way. We also do not want US here and they do not hurry to help. We are on our own with this struggle. So pray for Ukraine. Glory to its people!

Brother must show that u are at wrong way, how hard and painful it is...

hello NATASHA and MIKHAIL ARKHIPOV, I am from Nigeria, and I stay here in Ukraine, and I see with my own eyes, not Media or Internet News, l see what is happening in Ukraine and what so called Moscow, is doing in your country is destabilizing, forming terrorist activities and deceiving you people for Federalization, based on little fund Russia have which most of you don't even know the meaning Federalization and shouting for Federalization, that is self imprisonment and we have similar problem in our country, Bad Leadership and many more. And we have different Ethics groups and religions, but still stay as one Country, One Nigeria, Never want Separate Nation, or Joining Another Country because our Government is corrupt or Bad, we fight to get good Government not corrupt Government, you people shouldn't be deceive by the terrorist nation words ( RUSSIA ) and open your eyes and listen to problems in other country and solve Ukraine problem, within Ukraine. not within neighboring country, not by saying we want to join Russia, because of Language or culture ties, everybody in the world have same culture ties and similar language ties, you so called Pro-Russia separatist, go and check historic events of the world and you will see that everyone is same, and we all are brothers and sisters, if you people want to Join Russia, leave the Land of Ukraine sovereignty and take whatever s*** you have and move to Russia country and live as Russian. The Land of Russia is Big enough to occupied Billions of people, not to fight to take the Land of Ukraine and Add to Russia, is act of seizure and rebellion. Which Russia as just done in Crimea, what we want is UNITED UKRAINE says the rest of the world.

Ukraine has been in the Russian geopolitical orbit for centuries. The EU along with the US and people like Mr. Soros, although I presume well-intentioned, destabilized the country by trying reorient Ukraine towards the West. The notion that Ukraine is a divided country isn't some notion dreamed up by Moscow. The fact is that Ukraine is divided along Slavic and European cultures and likely will always be, the poet in the video claiming otherwise is intellectually dishonest in the extreme.

This article is entirely one sided and smacks of US propaganda efforts. If you want to have an open society, you have to be objective and this is far from objective. It is true that the propaganda is flying from all sides but the destabilization of the Ukraine was the US and EU objective at which they were highly successful. It's going to be hard to put Humpty Dumpty back together again but Western interference on Russia's borders is not the way to accomplish this.

I am amazed by what makes propaganda people! I am from Bulgaria.

Hey people, these people are Russians there! There, in Kiev and Ukraine arose Russia once upon a time. Please read more history / what do you expect from them? What do you expect to do Russia!? Tell them listen to U.S.? Ridiculous! :D

Think Libya, Iraq, Egypt, the U.S. overthrow regimes for their own benefit, but they came too close to Russia and threaten its bezopasnosti. Dollar is bloody piece of paper, please wake up Americans and Europeans see what your government is doing, and be responsible for all us and you will have simple citizens!

Send troops? Even "bloody" Yanukovich did not sent troops against his people like do the current democratic regime. To burn policemen and citizens alive looks like a standard method to impose the true democracy, hein? Ask people and make referendums, not a paid war.

What is happening in Ukraine, is of in persona to the EU and the US. Mr Putin thought he, has the might of making people believed that the EU and the US are behind the troubles in Ukraine, this is a clear example of language lineage and culture mentality. What Ukraine supposed to have done as a nation, after independent, was to introduce a different language to guide its citizens within and outside her territory, The Putin Specificity wouldn't have come in, at first of the show. So this is a great lesson to other nations that, will one day, breakout from their home land, if the chance come to do so. These are the reasons, Putin invaded Crimea, because he believes it was the language. Ukraine get a different Language for your people. From Osahon Jackson (JP)

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