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While I still prefer my news in print, I recognize that the Internet plays an increasingly important role in shaping how people get information and discuss the important issues of our day.

This blog highlights an extraordinary range of work, but it is unified by our mission to build and strengthen open societies around the world. While something of an abstract concept, open society centers on the idea that fresh thinking and broad participation is essential for human progress. Only in an environment that respects diversity and protects a range of opinions can society flourish.

This philosophy has real-world implications. In practice, our work is grounded in a deep commitment to human rights, justice, and the need for citizens to hold their governments to account. I hope the Open Society Blog will bring that work a little closer, enriching the debates already happening online while also giving OSI's experts and grantees a platform to sharpen their thinking and bring underreported issues to light.

Promoting critical thinking and protecting freedom of expression have long been central to our mission, and we hope that many voices will contribute to the conversation here.

The struggle for open society is a global one, and I welcome your thoughts.

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Aryeh, it is great to have OSI join the blogging world, especially given the values and scope of your global work. Blogs and social media are becoming common tools for foundations to get their message out, inform the world about important issues and advance their missions. For a quick look at the social media presence of America's top 100 foundations (including OSI) see http://maps.foundationcenter.org/glasspockets/transparency.php#

Brad Smith

Hi, Brad - That's a great link! I was wondering how we might get one of those little multimedia icons? We do make quite a few audio and visual productions available and would love for more people to watch. http://www.soros.org/resources/multimedia


I ran into a friend yesterday in New Orleans who attended a meeting at which you were a speaker. He asked if I knew you. I wish that I had been there. It has been a long time since we crossed paths.
I hope all is well with you. I have been following your work, which has been quite fascinating.
I will stay in touch....

After 25 yrs of living and working in most countries in Latin America, I believe this point is vital for Latin America to move out of the current social and aconomic conditions:

" Promoting critical thinking and protecting freedom of expression have long been central to our mission, and we hope that many voices will contribute to the conversation here...""

How can I contribute?
Jose Borda

It would be a great, vivid and vital homage to Popper's and Soro's approaches to democracy if OSI elaborates a really all inclusive semestral and anual indicator on how strong or weak is democracy in each country in Latin America. I've struggled for democracy against a military dictatorship and, after that, against totalitarian wishfull "plato-marxist" thinking. Our countries needs rational debate almost as it requires capital invesments.

Hi, great Blog. Wish to publish some articles here.
I am an independent journalist from Azerbaijan. Currently live in Ireland and on 20 March I am going to open the Exhibition "Journalists @ Risk",first time in Galway. In memory of journalists killed on duty I have created TALKING POSTERS. Sorry, more about me rather than the Blog. But I wish all your visitors will read about the such an important event in your Blog. Honoured. Thank you.

Really excited about this initiative, how can we contribute?

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