What Accountability Really Means

Trust in government is critical to building and maintaining a healthy society. The symptoms of a government that lacks trust are easy to spot: widespread corruption, nepotism, and patronage.

In short, a profound lack of accountability.

As Blair Glencorse of Accountability Lab notes in the video above, “accountability is about answerability. It’s about people who are in positions of power being accountable for the decisions and actions they take,” especially to the citizens and people who are most affected by these actions.

Changing the way governments work and how people engage with them is no easy task. Accountability advocates like Blair are working to build active citizens and responsible leaders (especially among young people) who have the solutions to challenges in their own communities and can collectively work towards them.

By focusing on young people and building global networks of honest government officials who can push for positive change, accountability advocates are not only inspiring a new generation to be effective, trustworthy public servants; they’re laying the foundations for a future where governments know that public service is an honor, and that all powerful people must earn—and keep—the trust of those they seek to lead.

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We are kicking corruption in the eye starting with one community at a time in Lango in Northern Uganda

Accountability goes beyond individualism individualism should work for the structuring community fulfillment we should live what we propose a city of No Boundaries for the purpose of living out what we propose the Constable unemployment is a lie because of service you all have a purpose

Engaged in ensuring accountability in Zamfara State in Nigeria. Accountability in the public space will be a factor that will bring about anti corruption to restore confidence and trust in government in Zamfara State and thereby lead to reduction in rural banditry.

Accountability in another term is Transparency. this is the most needed tool in my beloved country South Sudan. our so called leaders have loss trust from the masses and so the one thing they are left with is to pour their sentiment on the innocent population because of they are failure.

Accountability requires citizens and duty bearers to take up their roles and responsibilities and execute them prudently. Its driven by common good.

Accountability goes beyond legal or imposed constructs which allows you to compromise values when it convent. Accountability should mean ensuring personal, professional, and community values are adhered to and lived by each day.

Transparency and accountability is important for ensuring people rights.

I want to sincerely thank you and your organization for your endless efforts towards positive changes especially in developing countries. We are (young people of Africa) facing a very serious repression from our governments heavily backed by the UN when ever we peacefully rise to accountability and political reforms. The most recent case is what is going on in the Cameroons today. Our main obstacle for asking for accountability and political reforms from our governments is more of UN. UN Secretary general and it representatives in developing countries have in several occasions proven that they choose bribes from these dictators (Presidents) than our lives (lives of citizens).

Very interested in your strategies/learning tools get youth involved in holding government accountable

Corruption in New York with the legal system is what I am working to improve. It is out of control as we have attorneys running everything to only their benefit. I can not find ANY ATTORNEY to work with me on this issue. ALL of the attorneys I have called in this State said it would ruin them if they were to fight against the corrupt system we have in Albany NY our State Capital. (Does anyone have any idea what to do?)

I tried to submit an application for a grant today to retain an attorney and could not complete the application because of my disability. I do not know what to do? Any suggestions?

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