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What BRAC is Doing for the Poor

Thinking Big and Scaling Up—BRAC’s Model for Poverty Alleviation (September 24, 2007)

Using multifaceted development interventions, BRAC strives to foster education, create wealth, better health, and improve quality of life.

Since BRAC’s modest inception as a small-scale relief rehabilitation project in 1972, it has grown into one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations, with over 40,000 full-time staff and over 160,000 paraprofessionals, 72 percent of which are women. BRAC’s annual budget is over $430 million, 78 percent of which is self-financed, and its microfinance program, with six million borrowers, has cumulatively disbursed $4 billion. Over 3 million kids have already graduated from BRAC’s schools. BRAC’s health program reaches over 100 million people in Bangladesh.

Asia Society and the Open Society Foundations recently hosted a forum titled Thinking Big and Scaling Up—BRAC's Model for Poverty Alleviation.

Listen to the full event above.

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