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With the Museum of Drug Policy, Artists and Activists Push for Reform


In 2016, the Museum of Drug Policy was created by artists and activists as a call for drug policy reform. Through live programming and art from around the world, the exhibition illustrates how drug policies affect and shape our communities. The museum provides a powerful, emotional experience that exposes harms caused by current prohibitionist drug policies and advocates for new approaches rooted in dignity, health, and human rights.

Launched in New York, the Museum of Drug Policy has since traveled to Montreal, London, and Mexico City. Over 10,000 people across the world have experienced the museum in person, and thousands more have experienced it through the museum’s social media presence.

At a recent event, panelists discussed the museum and other creative ways that they are taking on harmful drug policy.

Watch above, or listen to audio below.

Reimagining Drug Policy Through Artistic Expression: Museums, Marches, and More (June 25, 2018)

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