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Students at a school table

Inclusive Education Reform Presents a Litmus Test for the Czech Republic

November 13, 2017Ostalinda Maya Ovalle, Štěpán Drahokoupil
Women walking along a street

Is Judicial Independence Finally Coming to Kyrgyzstan?

November 16, 2017Shamil Ibragimov, Joshua Russell
People inside a living room

After the Storm: Building a Better Houston

November 3, 2017John Henneberger

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Central Asia at History’s Crossroads

July 14, 2017 | Leonard Benardo

Central Asia’s long history of foreign and domestic repression is well known. Less appreciated, but just as important, is the on-the-ground progress happening across the region every day by civil society activists.

In Bishkek, a Community Struggles to Restore Its Vanishing Public Parks

December 1, 2015 | Raushanna Sarkeyeva

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan’s capital has seen a steady decline in the number of neighborhood parks. A new initiative hopes to bring them back to the city.

Uzbekistan Must End State-Sponsored Slavery

March 13, 2013 | Mark P. Lagon, Bennett Freeman

Each year the Uzbek government forces hundreds of thousands of its own citizens to pick cotton. But the U.S. State Department now has a chance to pressure Uzbek authorities to curb human trafficking.

Renewing Kyrgyzstan’s South

September 22, 2011 | Tynymgul Eshieva

This year the UN Development Program, with support from the Soros Foundation–Kyrgyzstan, launched 117 projects to help revitalize Kyrgyzstan's South. We traveled there to see the projects firsthand and meet with participants.

Kazakhstan: Short on Funds, Not Ambition

August 12, 2008 | Adil Nurmakov

Recent increases in Kazakhstan’s education budget have been far from enough to fulfill the government’s grand ambition to quickly catch up to European academic standards.

Kyrgyzstan: Still Waiting?

April 29, 2008 | Muzaffar Toursunov

Aging infrastructure, lack of funds, and other factors are hampering Kyrgyzstan’s educational system.