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Climate Justice

Climate justice must serve as the foundation to any policy response to the climate crisis. We work to ensure a just transition to a low-carbon and resilient future that puts people first.

Our Work

Protestors with sign reading "People's Summit for Climate Justice"
People attend a protest at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 12, 2021. © Yves Herman/Reuters

In the face of a climate crisis that threatens massive global disruption, Open Society is committed to seeking change that enables communities to thrive in a world transformed by climate impacts. 

We advocate for a comprehensive approach that transcends sectors—with the recognition that vulnerable communities that are the least responsible for climate impacts are already living with these impacts and are in urgent need of resources to recover and thrive.

Strengthening Voices

A climate activist holds a microphone among a crowd
Climate activists take part in an international climate demonstration in front of the Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Natural Resources in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 25, 2020. © Andre Lucas/dpa/Getty

We work to strengthen the voices of those most affected across multilateral spaces, and to business and financial sectors, which bear historical responsibility for the climate crisis, and have the power and financing needed to act decisively. As a pioneering new voice in the global climate space, Open Society works to influence future UN Climate Change Conferences to generate just outcomes through mobilization support for Global South delegations, diplomatic outreach, and support for enabling structures, including media support.


A farmer works near wind turbines
A farmer works near wind turbines in Portugal. © Nacho Doce/Reuters

The climate crisis demands unprecedented shifts of global investment by both governments and the private sector to support decisive responses. As a philanthropic funder, Open Society seeks to use its more limited resources as a catalyst for change—piloting transformative projects that can be expanded, and looking for ways to make financing more accessible, particularly in the Global South. We also advocate with global and regional financial institutions and development banks to commit to just transitions that include quality job creation, social dialogue, labor standards, and social protection.

Investment Advocacy

We are also active in pushing for transparent and ambitious corporate climate action that goes beyond narrowly defined but low-impact goals. We actively campaign for clear guidelines on climate action to be adopted and implemented by investors.

Loss and Damage

Person holding sign saying "Pay for loss and damage" in front of crowd marching
Activists march at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Novemebr 11, 2022. © Peter Dejong/AP

We are drawing on our global convening capacity to catalyze efforts to reduce losses and damage from climate change, and spark partnerships with like-minded institutions to create innovative financial mechanisms.

Human Rights and Refugees

A person stands on a sandbar
A farmer in a village where rising sea levels have forced many people to migrate in Satkhira Province, Bangladesh. © Majority World/Shutterstock

We draw on Open Society’s long partnerships with human rights defenders and legal advocates to speak out and protect individuals and groups that speak out for climate justice for their communities, in defiance of powerful business and political interests. We also draw on our longstanding relationship with refugee stakeholders to elevate the rights of climate refugees and tackle inevitable displacement.


We aim to accelerate locally-led adaptation efforts, by collaborating with local authorities and civil society across the Global South. This includes support for innovative climate finance responses developed by those dealing with the realities on the ground.

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