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Open Society Initiative for Europe

The Open Society Initiative for Europe supports organizations that promote active participation in democracy and uphold open society values—particularly in places where civil and political rights are at risk.

We have been leading the Open Society Foundations’ work in Europe since 2013, providing direct funding of grantees working in its priority areas and coordinating other grant giving by other Open Society programs. 

Our priorities include supporting efforts to engage Europeans in the work of democracy—not just at election time, but also in the day-to-day decisions that affect neighborhoods, cities, and national governments. This includes efforts to hold elected officials accountable and to promote transparency. 

We support groups that combat discrimination and xenophobia, and ensure the protection and well-being of refugees and migrants.  

Many of Europe’s leading human rights groups are among our grantees, and we are committed to supporting their efforts to protect civil liberties and challenge government repression. We also collaborate with reformers within politics, public administration, and law enforcement to defend people’s basic rights. 

We operate from Barcelona, Berlin, London, and New York.

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