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Scholarship Programs

The Scholarship Programs work in politically constrained places to support students and scholars who want to freely pursue the academic studies and professional skills they need to lead positive social change in their home communities.

Through professional degrees and international research awards, competitively selected individuals earn internationally recognized credentials and gain cross-cultural experiences through travel and exchanges. Key elements of our work include strategic recruitment in targeted countries, transparent, open, and merit-based competitions, negotiated access to graduate programs, intensive pre-academic preparation, supportive supervision throughout the scholarship term, and a variety of initiatives designed to cultivate an international network of social change leaders.

The Scholarship Programs support over 300 individuals annually in degree and nondegree study within the social sciences and humanities. We prioritize grants to individuals in countries particularly challenged by repressive governance that limits academic freedom and human rights. 

The Scholarship Programs are one of George Soros’s earliest efforts to promote open society and have given individual grants to over 15,000 people from across the globe since the late 1980s.  

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