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Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a range of evidence-based approaches that recognize that people unable or unwilling to abstain from illicit drug use can still make positive choices to protect their own health in addition to the health of their families and communities. The Open Society Foundations advocate for policies and practices that advance the health and human rights of people who use drugs.

Recent Work

To Protect and Serve

This report shows how public health–centered law enforcement can reduce the risk of HIV infections among sex workers and people who use drugs.

How Police Can Arrest the Spread of HIV  

Across the globe, HIV rates are climbing among sex workers and people who use drugs. A novel approach to law enforcement is changing that.

Police and HIV Prevention: A Crucial Partnership  

Sex workers and people who use drugs bear the brunt of new HIV infections. But a novel approach to law enforcement is changing this.

Film Screening: The Case for Prescribing Heroin

This event features a screening of a film about a heroin-assisted treatment program in Denmark, and addresses the evidence behind prescribing heroin to people with long-term opioid dependency.

How the War on Drugs Impedes Economic Development

Experts from Africa and Latin America discuss the negative effects of repressive drug policies on their regions.

Inside Guatemala’s Drug Rehab Centers

Take an unprecedented look inside these institutions through a powerful photo series that explores the intersection of drug use, Christianity, and rehabilitation.

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Public Health Program, Open Society Foundations–New York

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