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The Open Society Foundations seek to combat discrimination by empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex communities to promote and defend their human rights.

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Recent Work

Ireland Wakes Up to a Brave New World of Civil Marriage Equality

Ireland has become the first country to introduce same-sex marriage through a referendum, thanks to a campaign that captured the hearts and minds of many Irish voters.

Europe Celebrates a String of Trans Rights Victories

From Malta to Finland, trans rights advocates are hailing a series of wins that have been a long time coming.

Five Photographers Present Journeys Toward Freedom, Safety, and Self-Determination  

From the creative act of authorship to the formidable journey to escape slavery, the stories highlighted in the next installment of the Moving Walls photography series explore people in pursuit of new worlds.

Briefing Paper
Marriage and Forced Divorce

Most countries either do not legally recognize trans people’s gender identity, or they exclude married people. As a result, many trans people must choose between legal recognition or their marriage.

Solving Wicked Problems: Lessons on Systems Change from Diverse Fields  

Synthesizing lessons from three movements—disability rights, workers’ rights, and global health—three Open Society Fellows explore strategies and tactics potentially applicable across a range of issue areas.

Kyrgyzstan’s New Anti-Gay Law Is Even Worse than Russia’s

The law criminalizes any mention of “nontraditional sexual relations”—unless it’s hate speech, which will be perfectly legal.