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Mark Malloch-Brown on Why Britain Must Not Compromise Its Values

Mark Malloch-Brown writes on why Britain must not compromise its values in the conflict in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

In an editorial published in The House on November 3, 2023, Mark Malloch-Brown writes:

The attacks of 7 October were the largest killing of Israelis since the establishment of the state of Israel. It was a horrific war crime, proportionally much worse even than 9/11. But as President Joe Biden himself warned, on 18 October during his visit to Israel, it would be an act of self-harm for the country to be ‘consumed’ by rage as America was in the aftermath of its worst modern terror attack.  
I sympathise as both Conservative and Labour front benches hide behind the semantics of a humanitarian ‘pause’ versus a ‘ceasefire’ even as the tragic toll of Palestinian deaths, many children, rises daily. But in the face of such suffering we cannot hide behind semantics. There must be a stop in the fighting—at least temporarily. Instead of solely focusing on Israel’s right of self-defence, Britain needs to unequivocally stand up for basic human rights.

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