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Mark Malloch-Brown Reiterates Call for Humanitarian Ceasefire

Mark Malloch-Brown speaks to BBC Newsnight, reiterating call for a humanitarian ceasefire.

In an interview aired on November 7, 2023, Mark Malloch-Brown said:

Ultimately, this will end. And the question is, does it end soon with a lot of lives that could otherwise be lost, saved? Or do Israel and its allies need to learn the hard way that again one day they will need a ceasefire, peacekeepers, some kind of political process?


This is traumatic for every Israeli and tragic for every one of us around the world who grieves for all those lives lost on October 7th.

But, you know, don't give in to blind rage. Find a solution to this, which employs not just a military approach but as I say a diplomatic one as well, and which recognizes the history of this conflict.

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