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Breaking the Isolation: Access to Information and Media Among Migrant Domestic Workers in Jordan and Lebanon

Breaking the Isolation: Access to Information and Media among Migrant Domestic Workers in Jordan and Lebanon is one of the first studies of its kind to focus on how migrant domestic workers access and use information.

Migrant domestic workers are a vital part of the workforce in Jordan and Lebanon but remain one of the most exploited and least protected groups of workers. Many migrants lack basic information about their legal rights. Those facing abusive treatment often do not know what to do or where to turn for help.

Technology—particularly mobile phones—now offers these workers new opportunities to challenge abuse and stay connected to their home countries while working abroad.

Breaking the Isolation provides an assessment of how migrant domestic workers are using technology to communicate, assert their rights, and collaborate with civil society organizations and governments to improve working conditions.

The report is a useful resource that provides advocates and policymakers in the Arab region with practical information to help migrant domestic workers end their isolation, increase their visibility, and work together to make their voices heard.

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