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Sex Worker Health and Rights: Where Is the Funding?

  • Date
  • June 2006
  • Author
  • Julie Dorf

Commissioned by OSI's Sexual Health and Rights Project, Sex Worker Health and Rights: Where Is the Funding? takes stock of existing funding for sex worker health and rights initiatives, and assesses trends and implications around such support. The purpose is to generate greater awareness about the pressing needs of sex workers (including the right to be free from discrimination and violence, have safe working conditions, and quality health services) and about the opportunities for donors to fund groups undertaking these critical efforts.

While this report is not intended to be an exhaustive look at all substantive issues related to sex workers' health and rights, it provides useful information for sex workers, donors, policymakers, human rights advocates, and service providers. Most of all, Sex Worker Health and Rights: Where Is the Funding? recognizes the necessity for sex workers to have leadership in the public forums, policy debates, and service arenas where their working and living conditions are discussed and determined.

The report is available for download in English and in Russian.

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