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Latin America & the Caribbean

Latin America & The Caribbean

The Open Society Foundations work to reinforce human rights and democratic governance in Latin America and the Caribbean. Activities focus on addressing violence and state responses to organized crime, promoting transparency, and ensuring international support for open society goals.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this region.

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Open Society Voices

How a New Approach to Coca Will Strengthen Colombia’s Democracy

May 22, 2018 David Restrepo

A new report shows how, after decades of needless destruction, a grassroots movement in Colombia is breaking from the failed “war on drugs” and devising new strategies for increasing prosperity and strengthening peace.

Mexico’s Criminal Justice System Is Failing. It’s Time for a New Vision of Reform

May 4, 2018 Christian De Vos

Human rights advocates, as well as a diverse collection of artists and policymakers, are calling on the government to seek international support in order to reinvigorate a discredited justice system.

A New Pact to Defend Latin America’s Environmental Activists

March 29, 2018 David Danzig

In a region where political violence is still common, 24 countries are banding together to protect activists and fight lawlessness.